Eating Through Our Cabinets

A year or so ago, my husband and I watched this movie called The Road.  It was a really super movie, definitely up our alley, and about a father and young son who are living in a post-apocalyptic world.  Food is completely non-existent and the only goal of each day is to find something to consume.

This is NOT the world most of us live in right now.  Our pantries are full, our fridges are loaded, and are cabinets are stocked.  Of course, every few days we run out of one item (milk for kiddos or waffles, or apples, or bananas, or we need some beef for burgers), and we go to the store, and we buy EVERYTHING and come home and stock it on top of what is already in our fridges, pantries, and cabinets.

I say this because I do this too!  I run to Aldi for two things, and buy enough for two families.  I laugh – because it’s funny and ironic, but I also see this as an OPPORTUNITY for a huge amount of financial saving!  Will NOT buying a cool looking raw bread for $4.99 that you may never eat really be the key to financial freedom?  No, not necessarily.  But will budging out your food purchases, or eating through your cabinets get your mind thinking wealth creation:  YES!

And so, take an absolute inventory of everything that is in your cabinets right now.

What is in the pantry?
What do you have in the fridge?
What do you have in the freezer?
What do you have in your fridge/freezer combo in the garage?
Is there a third place you keep/have food?

Take an inventory, and figure out exactly how long you can go without going to the store and purchasing another item.

This is one of the most fun things to do!  Being not a super-fun-person, you can see why this is like a party with a bouncy house and water-slide for me!  #eatingthroughourcabinets is everything, and it’s time to get this done!!!  I know many people can get behind this and get very excited!

What can you make today?

What can you make for dinner tonight, and tomorrow and this entire weekend?

What can you use to make kids lunches, and breakfasts and dinners?

Are you hosting a part-tay, and can you get it done with everything you already have?

Are you making your pet food?  What can you use to make it super healthy and delicious?

If your kids bring lunches to school, what can you make them, that they will love?

Make it a game, and get creative.  Most of us don’t challenge ourselves, we don’t open up and let our creative juices flow, so what if you did  with #eatingthroughourcabinets!  What if you ate through your cabinets and LOVED IT!  What if you had so much fun making bread from scratch, what if you used up your seasonings and seasoned your grub a whole new way?  What if you made pancakes for dinner, and served some canned fruit for breakfast?

At this point, I’m in the same situation most of us are in – the pantry has grub, the fridge has grub, the freezer is full, the cabinets are healthy – I have everything we need to survive until next Friday (and wayyyy beyond!)

Photo of my freezer that contains homemade bone broth, Tostitos, chicken nuggets, basil, salmon, bones for more bone broth, scallops, shrimp, flounder, coconut macaroons, avocado, beef, and this alone can probably realistically get me through the rest of the month! Holy moly!


Now, if there is truly ONE thing you do need from the grocery store, bring just enough money for that one thing.  The other day I needed dishwasher soap.  So I went to Publix and I purchased dish-wash soap, and 8 other items.  Why?  Because I didn’t put the right plan into motion.

I should have figured out how much dish-soap was, and physically walked into the grocery store with a $5 in my hand ready for some change.  And that would have prevented me from spending $27 versus $5.  If you can’t trust yourself to do this – send someone better instead.  If I ask my husband to go shopping, and then he asks me to text him what we need, the man comes back with just those items.  I know.  He’s a super-human-unexplained-grocery-store-being.  Grocery store item placement and marketing does nothing to him.  FB should just save their money ads, because the man can not be bought.  I hope you are one, or have one like this near you!!!

Please let me know how you do and how long can you go?  Use the Internet for interesting food combo ideas, or keep it extra simple.

Cheers Savers!



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