Homemade Doggy Food

The other day, my friend mentioned that she makes her own dog food.  Being new to dog ownership, I haven’t thought about this.  Bu it sounded amazing and so cool!  I know that when my aunt had a dog (who we all loved so much) in Poland – that dog ate nothing but table food, but I don’t believe it was balanced, and specifically formulated to him.

So, after spending some time on YouTube checking out different homemade dog food recipes, I decided to make my own for our 64 pound Dutch Shepard Mix – named Artex!  Like any dog, he loves to eat, and it brings me so much pleasure to feed this little guy!  We’ve purchased his dry dog food from Alid, from Publix, and one bag even came from Chewy, but I wanted to cut the dry food in half, and give him 2 cups a day of homemade nutrition.

Homemade Dog Food Ingredients:

ground beef



sweet potatoes x 2



eggs w/ shells

I browned the ground beef, added the celery.  In another pot I boiled up the carrots and sweet potatoes, and in my rice cooker, I made two cups of rice.


The house smelled marvelous.  Legit, marvelous.  While cooking Artex stood next to me the entire time, almost knowing he was going to be the lucky recipient of this deliciousness!


After all grub finished cooking (though not completely cooked or overcooked), I mixed it all up.  To this I also added two organic eggs with their shells.  Shells have a ton of calcium, which our fur-balls need.  I then separated into containers, and added sardines!

Is this the absolutely balanced and perfect batch of dog food to date?  No but maybe.  It was my first one, and I wanted to see how much it would make and if it was going to make sense to feed this to our doggy.

This amount of grub made 11 meals or 22 cups of food.  Since he gets two cups per day, it will last us two-three weeks, especially if he’s eating 1 cup dry food, and 1 cup home made food – a meal for breakfast and then for dinner!

I put some in the fridge, and then the rest in the freezer, and it was truly just that simple.  Last night he had two cups of this, and loved it.  I literally laid down on the floor next to him, because I wanted to watch him enjoy it.  And I too enjoyed the fact that the food smelled awesome, versus the smell of what dry dog food smells like.  If you ever opened up a big bag of dried dog food, you know exactly what I mean.

I’m excited to make the next batch, and do a lot more research.  Ideas are already swirling in my head how to make it better, healthier, more delicious, and give him only what his body needs!


Cheers to feeding everyone you love, with love!

Little back story on Artex:  Tony and I always say how lucky we are that we were able to adopt this guy.  There were about 86 dogs up for adoption at the Jacksonville Humane Society.  When we walked in every other dog was barking and jumping and acting like dogs would who live in a crate, except for Artex who was sitting in an end crate.  Our Artex who was originally named Syd was the only one just sitting there, not barking.  It was love at first site.  It was September and he was there since August and was supposedly a stray.  He was just over a year old, and so handsome.  We took him outside with one of the volunteers, and we needed a dog like we needed an elbow on our forehead, but we took him home anyway!  He’s a really great dog, and maybe doggies are like tattoos – once you get one you want another!



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