Invest. Take your savings, and invest.

Why am I a tiny big obsessed with saving money, and living below our means, and sharing all of this craziness with anyone and everyone that wants to read, learn and implement?  Because Albert Einstein said:  “The power of compound interest the most powerful force in the universe.

I do believe that living well below your means, or within your means brings a lot of peace and calm, and even happy.  I believe that relationships are stronger when there is less financial strain.  I believe that this is pretty much everything in life, and I live this way because I know the opposite, and I have seen the stress and unhappy, and I don’t want that for me, or for my children.  If this means they don’t get a brand new book-bag at the beginning of each year – then I’m okay with this.  If this means that I use the library instead of ordering new books, that’s okay with me.  If this means turning down the heat and putting on a hoodie – I’m okay with this.

But the MAIN reason for saving, and living below our means is compound interest.

As soon as you can, as soon as you get 3K in your savings, invest it.  I use Vanguard, but you can go directly into the market, you can use another site and company, you can even use a personal Financial Adviser with the right license, but invest it.  Invest it as soon as you can.

If you have seen the news, the market is growing, and the truth is that it’s always growing.  Always and always.  Sure, there are times that the market drops and falls, and people lose money, but then it always picks up and recovers.

I was doing my taxes one year – in my early early 20ies, and the H&R Block associate (because I’m not fancy at all and have yet to get an accountant), suggested I buy an IRA.  And I purchased the max amount, which was $5K at that time (I believe).  And we started with that.  You only need 3K, and then you can add each and every day, each time you get paid, and buy more stock, more mutual funds, more anything you wish.

With Vanguard, you can pick where to invest depending on how risky you want to be.  You have an option from 1-5 in terms of risk.  If you are in your 30’s I would go with 4 & 5, and go from there, heck, I would probably always go as high risk as possible, but that is just me.

Let your money grow, so you don’t have to grow your money forever with income.  It truly isn’t the most exciting life NOT taking multiple vacations, or NOT buying brand new things all the time, but the alternative of watching your cash-flow grow is powerful.  I just love the action of saving, and then investing, and then saving more, and then investing.  It’s not fancy, and it’s just a habit.  The way you pay your cell phone bill, pay yourself, pay yourself into your savings account, so that sooner than later you can pay yourself into the market.  Every time you get paid, you may have four bills to pay, and now replace one or add one more with: YOU.  “Oh shoot, can’t go out tonight because YOU is waiting on their money!  Thanks anyway!” Let that money earn money.

If you are YOUNG, and by YOUNG I mean 18 or 22 or 26 or 30 or 36 or 42 or 46 – – – or ANY AGE – you are young, start investing.

1 – Save up 3K in your savings/checking account.

2 – Go into Vanguard (or a similar company), and purchase 3K worth of stock or mutual fund.

3 – Every time you get paid, purchase some more.  It may be $100 a pay, or $1K a pay, or $5K a pay – whatever your heart desires.  Just get it done.  Pay yourself first – – – we have heard this over and over again.

Once we got into this mode, it was easier to NOT need other things, because it was much more exciting to pay ourselves first.  It’s so fun.  Again, it’s not earth shattering fun, and it sucks to have to change your life a bit around (if you do need to make changes), but get it done anyway.  It feels soooo good.  You can go without checking out your accounts for weeks at a time, automate your pay into them, and then keep them going.

Do I know everything or even half of what I need to about this topic?  Absolutely not.  Are there millions of people who know more, do better, invest smarter, save more – sure.  But I learn as much as I can, as often as I can, and I certainly want to get better at this each and every single year.  There are books, there is YouTube, there are documentaries, there is the Internet – and the information is out there.  It’s all in pieces, and you have to give yourself time and grace to learn a bit more each day – but let’s get it done.  The best part is that those that become financial secure, perhaps millionaires, perhaps multi-millionaires, perhaps humans who live off their dividends, and have retired at a young age or older age, did not know more than most of us.  They just implemented a habit of paying themselves first, and living well below their means.

Years and years and years ago, a friend told me a story.  He sat down with someone at his company, and was talking stocks, and savings.  And the guy pointed out that the wealthiest person at their company, who had the most assets was not the CEO, or the CTO or the C level anything, or not the best sales person or anything like this.  It was a quiet woman in Accounting or HR, who drove a 10 year old car, but who invested most of her paycheck into the market, and invested every bonus or pay increase there too.  You would never know it looking at her, and boom, there she was – the richest among them all.

Does having an amazing job help?  Sure, for sure.  But can you become everything you want financially without an ideal and super plush income each and every year – absolutely!  If anything – that might help.  Going through hard or harder times, makes one stronger and quite resilient – if you see it this way.  What does helps is education, and a plan, and a drive, and a work ethic, and health, and a positive mind – – – and the ONLY thing you need right now to get started is to spend less, save, and invest, and repeat as often as possible.  It’s just that simple.  Cut all the fat – and get going.


So this is why I harp over and over about eating through our cabinets, and saving, and spending less, and decluttering, and creating a strong mind – – – because it is all about creating PEACE in the present and WEALTH for the future.

Cheers mi lovers.  I know we are all capable of a lot of good things.



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