How to get started with a morning exercise routine.

I’ve worked out for most of my life, but you know what started happening towards the end of last year?  I got a bit afraid of exercise.  I don’t know why, or what prevented me from waking up early, and getting a workout in – but I was afraid.  I got scurred.  I’m not sure if I was afraid of not feeling good while exercising, or feared not wanting to do it or being afraid to go out in the dark and run, but whatever it was – the fear needed get completely left behind in 2017.

What’s really cray is that I have worked out all of my life – or most of it.  Ever since high school I regularly would do workout videos, or run, or get on the cardio or weight equipment, or make my own in home workouts, or go to classes, or do anything and everything physical.  Then, boom, I developed a mini fear of the sweat session.  I figured and told myself that the lifestyle exercise was good enough and walking or bike riding my daughter to her daycare was enough for me.  And sure, it certainly was.  I got my steps in and I felt great moving my body, but there is nothing that can substitute hard work.

So officially on my birthday I decided to get my act together, wake up early, and do so going forward. It’s been a week, and the mental benefits are everything.  I always though, as a young human being, that we worked out to look and feel good.  And honestly, exercise is all about improving the mind, the spirit, the soul, the happy you want.  It’s so freeing, and so gracefully gets rid of the bad energy.  It’s some of the best green therapy around, and just an incredibly powerful force we all have available to us.

I’ve dedicated myself to running just 20 minutes first thing in the morning.  As soon as my eyes open, I focus on getting dressed for an outdoor run and getting it done.  The universe has blessed me with an early riser disposition, so waking up at 5am or 6am, is no big deal for me.  Yet, ironically, even though I would wake up at the same times the end of 2017, I always found other things I needed to do, versus sweat.

Here we are today, 7 days after getting a run each morning, and life is good.  Life is always good if you focus on the good, but it does feel good to mentally feel good and strong.

12/31/2017 3.53 miles
1/1/2018 2.09 miles
1/2/2018 2.02 miles
1/3/2018 2.15 miles
1/4/2018 2.13 miles
1/5/2018 2.17 miles
1/6/2018 2.2 miles
16.29 total miles

Is every run pain free, or awesome?  Nope.  Am I thrilled like a child on Christmas to get out there each morning?  Nope.  Not even at all.  As soon as I start running, something happens, and the body starts to wake up.  Even halfway through my run, I often think that it’s pretty ridiculous to be out here, but the alternative is just a tad big worst.  Even though the bed, the couch, and being comfy, and cozy are everything in life – they are extra everything x 100, after a nice workout.

And so – let’s run.  Let’s move.  Let’s move our body.  Wake up and give yourself a reason for a shower.  I absolutely loath showering when I’m not sweaty.  What a waste of WATER.  But after a workout – a shower has reason to rain!

On the 31st of December, I absolutely didn’t want to miss the morning run.  I laid out my clothes the night before, I put them in the kitchen by the garage, and I went through every article of clothing to make sure I had everything.  There’s a cold spell in Florida, so the hat was there, the gloves, even my hair-tie!  I did this for the next several days to make sure I left myself not a single excuse NOT to go.  Last night was the first time I didn’t get my clothes ready.  I knew that as soon as I woke up, I would go in my closet and get the outfit together (even if I had to go get the shoes from one spot, and the gloves from another part of the house).  But if you do need to treat yourself like an absolutely baby and PLAN out every single detail – get it done.  That is what I took for me to get started, and I’m hellllla excited I did!


Cheers to you & your morning workout – whether you are getting on in yet, or not.  Get it started and keep it going.  You’ll be working out right along me, and all those that know the value of a sweat session before the sun rising.

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