three steps forward, one step back

You know what I find very excited about this life?  Is that we are all always moving forward.  Sometimes it’s super natural and easy and everything flows right, and other times, we need to push hard to get moving or stay moving.  But because we are moving forward, it’s exciting.  New opportunities arise, lessons are learned, laughter is experienced, new things happen – and life goes on and living is good.

I find the most frustrating moments are the moments I feel that I’m taking steps backwards, and if I evaluate my conscious life the last several years, and perhaps even the last 20 years, I feel that it always equates to three steps forward one step back.

This applies to everything and anything.  Relationships, and goals, and adventures, and happiness, and peace, and positivity, and reading and learning and earning and investing, and saving, and cleaning and parenting and career and home and love, and the pursuit of every single goal and dream I have/had can be summarized with just this:  three steps forward, one step back.

In moments of frustration, I sit or lay there or stand there or whatever I’m doing, totally frustrated that this is how it is.  HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO KNOW WHAT TO DO, and still not be able to do it completely right ALL the time?  Why can’t I just keep going forward and forward and forward with complete ease and tension free and be totally free of pivot turns?

I was running this morning and thinking about this very topic.  When I’m running my mind is a spinning wheel of positivity, so I took a deep breath and accepted this fact.  I accepted the fact that perhaps into forever, I’ll always take three steps forward and one step back.  Or maybe five steps forward and two steps back or maybe 50 steps forward and 40 steps back – or however you may feel about a certain goal, or life or event in your world right now.  Maybe you see this happening to the world at large, to people you admire or people you love from afar, or in your very own inner circle of humans that you love or must love.


As I breathed in and out I decided to accept this.  Instead of fighting this, and being frustrated, angry, disappointed – that that is how it goes, I have to be okay with this.  Three steps forward, one step back, sometimes more, sometimes less.  And in being able to accept this, or at least start to work through this, I’m going to learn how to celebrate this.  Let’s learn how to absolutely without apology celebrate the movement forward, regardless of the movement backwards.  We also can recognize that steps backward are part of the whole process. They are meant to be there, they are meant to be part of this entire journey.  What fun would it be without them?  Perhaps we have to take some of the same steps forward over and over and over again to experience the whole meaning or new meaning.

I said to myself:  What have you learned?  What do you know for sure?  What do you know for certain, and what can you do with this information – as it is?  With all of the trials, with all the tribulations, what has this taught you?  Is the experience more important than the actual position or status desired?

As humans, we love to achieve, we love to grow, we love to keep moving forward, and getting stopped, or turned around, or having to start over – is a blow.  It’s a mind blow, an ego blow, it’s annoying, embarrassing, and sometimes even painful.  It may be stressful and frustrating and in some moments, may even feel debilitating.  Yet, when we accept the fact that it’s part of the journey, the pain eases.  It’s just part of the process.  And as long as we keep going forward, we’ll continue to move forward.

Even though any high in life feels exhilarating and moving and life changing, it’s when we have our feet planted firmly on the ground that many of us feel strongest, and that’s what the steps backward give us.  Humility, and resilience, and growth, persistence and determination and motivation, and regardless of how long, how tough, how many times we have to re-commit and do it again – eventually we’ll get there.  Maybe the goals we set may never be met, but for certain with all fibers of our beings, we’ll be closer than when we started, and with the experience and memories and journey and adventure that we were seeking in the first place.

Go hard for your goals.  If there are many steps backwards, you may just have found the right road.  Stay strong, and stay positive, it’s the constant movement forward in each day (whether physical or mental) that will always help us arrive exactly where we need to be.

Cheers, Movers!

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