Two Weeks of Running

This morning I ran for the 14th straight day this year (13th this year, and last day of 2017 to be technical! :)).  I kicked off this adventure on 12/31 and ran 35 minutes that day to celebrate my 35th birthday, and every day since, I ran for 20 minutes each morning.  I didn’t know I wanted to run each day this month when I started, but I knew that I felt so good after I finished my birthday run, and I wanted to feel that way each morning since.  I love waking up, and I love coming back home after a run, and giving myself a solid reason for a hot shower!

Notice, I didn’t mention I have any love for the getting ready for a run part, or for the getting out the door part, or even the first half of the run part.  There is very little love there, just yet.  Waking up and leaving the hot bed isn’t awesome or ideal, but even though staying in bed feels pretty rad, what feels even better is that workout high right after.

So what have I learned from two weeks of consecutive running.

1 – The flashlight on the phone is everything.  All mornings the family is all still sleeping, and I love sneaking out of the house like a ninja.  The last thing I want to do is leave the house when my babies are up or need me or want to snuggle.  That would be hard.  But that Apple flashlight it’s so powerful who even needs electricity anymore!  That thing lights my way from bedroom to out the door like a boss!

2 – Weather matters.  The beginning of the year the weather in FL was cold.  Not NJ cold, but FL cold.  I found myself running in 31 degree weather, and gloves and in a headband and even rain twice.  Cold rain is as fun as a medical procedure you aren’t sure your insurance company covers.  But thankfully it does wake up your senses, and there is some positive mojo thereafter.  Yesterday morning it was 66 degrees at 6am, but the temp I enjoy the most are mid 50’s.  This morning it was 54, and it was morning running weather perfection!  The last thing you want to be concerned with while running is being too hot or too cold, that middle is everything.

Treadmill running is awesome too.  Back in da day, I have logged many miles on the good ole’ treadmill!  If the weather is frigid and unreasonable, do the work inside.

3 – It does get easier.  When out of habit of waking up early, and getting going, to do so each morning is rough.  But when you stay consistent, the consistency pays off and we get rewarded with increased ease in what we want to pursue.  Whether your goal is to workout first thing in the AM or midday or right before bed, it does get easier, but only when we keep going.  In the past, I have tried to skip workout days, and I find that when I do this, it’s hard to start back up again.  It’s better to just get going each day and create a habit that becomes a way of life.

What habits do you want to welcome as part of your erryday?  I also figure, because I’m only committing to twenty minutes per day, I know I can do it.  It’s ONLY 20 minutes.  It’s not like I’m committing to waking up at 5am, and driving for 30 min to a gym, and running for an hour there, and then having to drive home again.  That would be CRAY for me, but 20 minutes per day outside my home, I can do.

Maybe that’s CRAY for you, so maybe 10 would make more sense?  Or 5 or any time each day during lunch.  Maybe 15 min of YouTube yoga?  Or maybe weight training each day?  Or maybe it’s meditation your body craves, or a 20 pages of a good book each day? Whatever you choose, know and believe it will get better.

4 – Celebrate each day.  On day one you may celebrate the fact that you didn’t die getting out there.  The next day you may celebrate your move of just getting out the door.  The next day you may celebrate the fact that you did it all again for day #3.  I stay motivated by just pushing myself out there.  Some runs are faster, stronger, feel better than others, and I’m grateful for that.  Other days I feel like a poop emoji and the end can’t come soon enough.  But celebrate it all.  It will keep you going, and it’s a time for you to celebrate you – as you are.  With every flaw, imperfection, crack, pain and frustration.  When doing something difficult, even if it’s for a few minutes each day – we are raw.  We are as we are.  Perhaps not as fit, as great, as accomplished, as successful as we want to be.  But just perhaps we are getting there.  Whether to our desired destination, or just accepting it all, as we are.

Cheers to those on this journey, and greater cheers to those getting there!  Xoxo

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