Another Batch of Homemade Dog Food

So our mini horse (a 1-2 year old dutchshepardmix we found at the Jacksonville Animal Shelter) loved the first batch of homemade dog food (which was inspired by my friend Amy on fb)!  And as soon as he was running low, we went to get some more grub, to make batch #2!


At Aldi I purchased or used what we already had at home:

ground beef – $7.49

sweet potatoes – $1.89

celery – $1.19

carrots – $1.29

eggs – $1.35

can of tuna

can of raw pumpkin

1/2c of organic peanut butter

1/2c of organic coconut oil

Jasmine white rice (This was the only rice we had, and in the future, might buy regular white or brown rice).

The total cost was $13.21 (not including the ingredients we already had), and a big 18.5 pound of dry dog food from Aldi also cost $8.49.  Are you saving money by making your own?  No, but making batches of our food makes me feel great, and it’s fun, and a learning experience, and worth the slight increased cost.

Saturday morning my baby gal and I cooked up the rice and the sweet potatoes and carrots, and then the beef with the celery, and then started adding all together.  I also had eggshells left over from making eggs the past week I’ve kept in the fridge, and I added a dozen of those as well.  Eggshells, I read, are high in calcium.  Also, dogs’ stomachs are very acidic so that is partly why they can eat raw and garbage and not get sick.  I still cook most of everything for my pup, but don’t necessarily overcook anything.

I tried to make a video of this fun event, but as any household with two or more children who love to argue and tease each other, it became impossible.  Though, I’ll share two stills.  We had to put an end to this fun when my daughter grabbed the scissors and wanted to cut open the raw beef herself.

Instead of individually packaging the dog food in one cup containers like I did last time, I put in a big Tupperware and labeled DOG FOOD and put one in the fridge and one in the freezer.  Each morning he gets 1 cup of dry dog food, and then 1 cup of this homemade dog food.  And then each evening, he gets the same.  I saw a video on YouTube where a woman was feeding her 60 pound boxer four cups of homemade dog food, but just once a day.  I’m a huge believer of intermittent fasting, so her dog only eating once per day makes a lot of sense.

Dry dog food has a pretty intense unpleasant odor to it (especially in large quantities), but this homemade dog food smells awesome, smells sweet.  Our dog is still very young, about 64 pounds, and thankfully very healthy.  He runs or walks 2-4 miles per day, and the change from dry dog food to dry and homemade dog food has been uneventful.  We haven’t noticed any negative side effects.  Instead, his coat is shiny, and he’s happy to eat!  But he’s not picky, and will pretty much eat anything, so no big credit goes to this cooking, except that I’m sure the variety and deliciousness is a plus for the pup!

If you have a fur-ball put a few healthy ingredients together, and make your own concoction.  For now, we are still sticking to the dry store purchased dog food, because it is extra vitamin and mineral fortified, and I want him to have all he needs.  As I do more research and get in a strong dog food making groove, perhaps we’ll cut down on dry grub!

Also, the one advantage of the dry food is that it’s CLEAN when he eats.  When I fed him this in his regular bowl, the wet food kept getting everywhere because his tongue kept flinging it everywhere.  We solved this problem by giving him the food in a larger/deeper bowl.  Now, all the food stays in the bowl!

Cheers, my doggyfoodmakingfriends!



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