Building from today: WEALTH, HEALTH, STEALTH.

When it come to wealth, health and stealth, it’s always a good time to take an inventory of where exactly we are right now, and know exactly where we want to go.  Where are you heading?  Where do you want to be at the end of this month?  In a month?  In 6 months (June 18th), and where do you want to be December of this year?  What about 5 years from today?

My husband and I have a lot of long term goals that we are eager to accomplish this month.  Which is both funny, and a bit crazy, but that’s how we role.  Thinking long long term for me is absolutely challenging, but a fun exercise nonetheless.  This morning in the car, we were chatting, and I said:  In 5 years, let’s make that the goal, in 5 years.  And it seems soooo far away, but 5 years will be here before we know it.

If you are reading this, this means you too are hungry for accomplishing your financial, physical, mental, and spiritual goals, and you get FED by action and progress.  Yes, progress. That’s what makes us feel the strongest and the best.  It’s not necessarily getting to the END, but it’s the daily progress, when the positive meets the persistent and together makes us feel like absolute winners

So where are you right now?  Take an absolute and honest inventory where you are right now?  And then, the next step is just to love it and accept it.

Perhaps you aren’t where you want to be.

Perhaps it’s not where you think you should be.

Perhaps it’s not as far as you know you deserve to be.

Perhaps it’s not as good as others.

Perhaps it’s not as successful as you once were.

And that’s fine.  It is what it is.  It’s where you are right now, and you have to accept it to move on and start to climb higher.

I find that as life goes on, the more honest I am with myself, the easier and persistent progressing towards success and goals life becomes.  It’s not necessarily about being already perfect in our actions, it’s about recognizing what we already do well, and moving on to do better.  I can’t stand living in the past, and sometimes my head goes there.  But as soon as I go there, I instantly think about how amazing it is to have the opportunity to acknowledge, accept and be grateful for the present, and keep moving on.  The last five years have flown by and the next five years will too.  What are you going to do start doing right now, to get there?


I love myself some financial motivation that helps us get stronger and cleaner and wiser in our spending and saving choices and actions.  There is NOTHING as powerful as the absolute present and TODAY to get going.  Do you need to take things back?  Do you need to sell things? Do you need to cancel this and that?  Do you need to work on your budget and stick to this?  Do you need to pivot turn and change many habits around? Do you need to take drastic measures to get on the right track? Do you need to start small and build?  Do you need to save $50 per pay or 5K per pay?  What can you do today, to get to your goals? Do you need to have hard conversations with those you love?  Do you need to learn more?  What can you do to inspire yourself?  What can you eliminate?  What can you practice?  How soon do you want to be a millionaire? How soon do you want to have financial freedom?  How soon do you want money peace? How different, more real, more honest can you become?  How can you become more you, by spending less?


Do you need to start to move?  Do you need to get to 10K steps today? Do you need to walk, lift, yoga, sleep, drink water, start off the day with meditation? Do you need to eliminate smoking, drinking, drugging? What can you immediately and right now do, to make your physical form stronger?  Do you need to tuck your phone away each evening at 8pm, so that you can rest and sleep, in peace?  Do you need to drink black coffee instead of sweet coffee? Do you need to pack your lunch full of homemade food versus take out? Do you need to spend your lunch hour taking a walk, instead of doing more work?  Do you need to shower on the daily?  Maybe shower in the AM and each PM? What can you do right now, for yourself, for your physical being, that will make you feel better tomorrow or in February? Can you juice?  Can you eat more vegetables?  Can you skip dinner, and rink water? Can you eat less?  Can you eat more greens? How far can you stretch?


How can you grow mentally stronger?  How can you bring more peace to your mind?  How can you reduce or eliminate anxiety? How can you bring less stress and more calm into your world?  We’ve survived the years we have survived with the coping mechanisms we have learned and implanted into our daily lives.  What else can you do?  Can you start off your day by reading positive words?  Can you start off your day by writing out positive words?  Can you fall asleep each night by being grateful for what you already have?  What can you do, each and every single day – that will get your mind stronger, more positive, happier and determined?  What can you do for others, that is raw and bright and giving?  Can you eliminate fighting with your loved one?  Can you fight less?  Can you fight kinder?  Can you think about the pain you feel, and accept that what has happened, has happened, and take steps towards forgiveness – both yourself and others.  Can you accept what has happened, and believe in your heart that it could have been worst, and be grateful that it was not?  Can you practice this on what is currently going on, what is currently absolutely raw in your life, and accept what is currently going on?  Can you see yourself outside your current mental health, and know you can improve it.  You are in control of letting things go, and moving on.

What I love most about putting in the effort to grow our mental game stronger and better is that once we improve, it’s hard to go back. It’s hard to go back to the negativity, or bitterness, or jealousy or anger.  Once we let that ish go, we can keep letting it out.  What little thoughts can you implant into your every day, to bring you more of what most humans want:  progress, happy, peace, love.


Just because we weren’t gifted the best of Wealth, Health and Stealth does not mean we do not desire to have the best of these three tribes.  We certainly do.  Just because we started at the bottom, and now we are here, we can still gain more.  We can gain more freedom financially, physically, and mentally/emotionally.  Don’t ever put yourself in a box, or a room, or a class, or a status, and believe that you can’t gain more. Don’t you dare let anyone else do that to you.  You can do better, if that is your wish, and you will, but the work must continue.  All the freedom and peace you want and deserve you already have access to.  You may have to keep crawling through the mud to see it, feel it and experience it – but you ALREADY have it.  Recognize where you are today, what you want, and start and continue moving there, little by little, big by big.  Until you rise up, and start walking, and then running and then living all you want.

Cheers.  And every single day we get closer.




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