4 Week of Mornin’ Runnin’

Today marked 4 weeks of morning running.  Each morning I have been getting up, and before anything else gets done, I go out for a 20 minute run.  It’s been pretty fun to get into this routine, and at first it seemed like a BIG DEAL.  I had to drag myself out of the bed, into the closet, out the door, and shuffle my way through the run.  But now, it’s becoming a routine, a habit, and the only way i start my day, that it does feel like NO BIG DEAL.

Some days are certainly much more easier to just spring and jump up and out, and get it done.  Other days involve a lot of self talk, like okay, get out there and get it done, and it’s almost over and keep pushing, and it goes by quickly.  And that’s just how it rolls, but that’s how it all rolls right.  Sometimes what we want to accomplish feels like a BREEZE and other times it feels like a freaken STORM.

Anytime we put ourselves through interesting experiences, such as this challenge, or any type of goal or journey you are on – we learn a ton.  Getting out the door each morning is super simple.  It honestly is probably one of the most low key things you an do, and I certainly, being a low key human being (or at least striving to be this), has further opened up my ability to just keep going, and keep pushing forward.

I like this because regardless of how you may feel, regardless of what happened the day before, or what you have going on that day, or whatever is on your mind, or whatever obstacles you may feel are in your way, or whatever the weather – you just must keep going.  Getting out the door, and getting sweaty, coming home with a lil runner’s high, has certainly helped me just keep on moving – regardless of anything else.  It has helped me stay or get positive, or happy or peaceful and open minded.  It has been fun to know I can do this, and therefore eases the way for more challenging thoughts, actions, habits.

Visually, imagine a really big zig-zagged line as your day or your life.  And getting out the door each morning has given me the ability to jump higher or longer.  I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking, and visualization, and the last four weeks have made it easier to use both of these strategies and resources to do things a tad bit better, and be stronger and more determined in the day to day life.

Once you get out on a run, there’s nothing really that is that big of a deal, or a show stopper.  Whatever is happening in your life is more manageable, more likely to be okay, and gives you an ability to handle the stress or the actual events or occurrences with a bit more sass, strength – whatever it is you may need.

A lot of us have to work hard to overcome the all or nothing mentality and wanting to accomplish our goals has all of us stopping and starting and stopping and starting because of the all or nothing thinking.  This little morning routine I have gotten myself entangled in helps me eliminate that all or nothing worthless mentally.  Once I’m back in the house, everything that has happened until that time gets a positive spin on it, almost as if glitter has been sprinkled on it, and i’s all brighter.  It’s easier for me to see the good in it all, and easier for me to see all past or present events as meaningful versus dreadful.

As life goes on, we are able to take on or bring with us a lot of baggage from the future.  We need some sort of filter or disposal of everything that has scarred us a bit.  None of us are immune to this, therefore we need to create a natural exit for all the junk.  A lil bit of running has helped with this.  It can turn a bit of mental chronic pain or discomfort or frustration into sunshine or brightness or at the very least provide a lens of looking at it all a bit clearer.

Palm trees at 6am, post workout.  Looking mighty fine and inspiring, even though not very bright or fine or clear or perfect.

How do you get started?

Pick something that you want to do for a very long time, but has been challenging for you to do in the past.  Because you have wanted to do this, you know you should do it. You have researched it enough, and been interested in it for a long time, this is YOUR thing.  Or maybe you don’t know anything about it – but want to get started regardless. Maybe it’s running, or maybe it’s just 20 minutes of cardio – on different pieces of equipment.  Maybe it’s 20 minutes of weight training, or 5 different weight exercises for 3 different sets at 12-15 reps.  Maybe it’s a video, maybe it’s 25 minutes of morning yoga or Pilates or Tracey Anderson or Pure Barre or spinning or swimming!  Whatever it may be – pick it.  Pick something that you can get started on today or tomorrow, and keep it going.  I’m suggesting and am a fan of physical activity because the benefits of a bit of cardio/increased heart rate are amazing.  Not even for the physical/heart/muscle reason, but for the mental and mind and soul improvements and massage.

A lot of us are fearful of failing.  So we never get started in the first place.  Failing never feels as bad, as we think it does.  Are we all perfect all the time?  No.  We’re human.  And we do poorly in some/many things in life, and kick arse in others, but we can ONLY succeed when we keep trying.  Otherwise we can be pretty darn amazing at doing not much at all.  And who wants that on your resume?  I ran for 365 days in 2010-2011, and since THEN, I have tried many different times to go consistently in exercise.  But ONLY when 2018 hit, did it click.  Give yourself a lot of grace, and a lot of leeway, but pick something, and keep it going.

Cheers to YOU, and may daily movement get you moving and growing.




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