Doggy Food Grub, 3rd Batch

Friday evening I was in my glory.  The work week went by beautifully and it was time to have some domestic fun!

So homemade dog food making was on the agenda.  The best part about making yo’ doggy’s very own grub, is that it doesn’t really take a long time.  Almost as long as a fast chili.  Because doggies have acidic bellies, they do better if all the grub isn’t cooked all the way or overcooked by any degree.  Yet, I certainly make sure that his food is cooked, and not raw at all.  We’re raw and there yet.  I have to do a LOT more research before we go there.

So at Aldi I purchased (or already had in the house) the following grub to make our Artex:

sweet potatoes
ground beef
peanut butter
white rice

I was boiling up the sweet potatoes, cutting up the carrots, and browning up the beef, when my son walked in and said, “Oh my mom, it smells so good in here!”  Even the dog wouldn’t let me take a few steps without him, just in case I was going to let him sample some of this doggy goodness.  I ended up leaving the carrots raw, and mashed everything into one large pot.  After all was put together, I forgot about something green to add, but next time I’m def putting in a bag of kale in there as well.

This is our third time making doggy food.  I ended up getting two big Tupperware containers of grub for my pup, and each morning he gets 1 cup of homemade dog food with 1 cup of dry store purchased food.  Same for each evening.  Some owners feed their dog once a day, but the same amount, which makes a lot of sense from a health perspective.  I suggested this news to my main man, and he didn’t love it, so we shall see.  The idea of EVERYTHING being digested and used up BEFORE he feeds again is brilliant!  I’ll keep learning more and figuring it all out.

Here’s Artex getting his ears messed with by the cat.


He’s been thriving and enjoying each meal, just like he was prior to getting on the homemade grub.  It does make me feel sooo good though to be able to feed him something I made myself, versus 100% processed grub.  Eventually, I would like to buy him ORGANIC and grass fed or wild raised everything, and do a combo of beef, and liver and eggs, and salmon so that everything be completely clean and perfect.  But we’re not there yet, but a dogga mama gotta have goals!

Each day we’re still so amazed at what a really great dog he is.  To think that we could have left him in that crate at the shelter all alone and missed out on his amazing personality and life.  Instead we took him home all smelly and skinny and nervous as heck.  I never really ever had a dog, so it’s been the most wonderful experience having this big boi give us so much love, and vice versa.  My kids are very interesting with the dog.  My son is not one to snuggle or cuddle or do anything with him at all, while my daughter acts like she is his one and true queen and ruler.  Every single time we take him to the doggy park, she’s there with him, holding him onto him, walking him, and making sure he stays in line.  She will be the first one to jump on him, and play with him, and throw him the ball, and even though he’s double her weight, she sees this as no challenge at all.  She has to be the one to open up the crate for him, or let him out to pee or else we get in trouble taking over her doggy duties.

This is her this weekend, at the dog park, baking pies for all the pups.


Cheers to all animal lovers, and everyone taking great care of those you love. May something as simple as making some home made dog grub bring you a ton of pleasure and joy!




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