Can you completely elevate who you already are?

Yes.  But first, you must know exactly what you want, and who you are.

Are you able to pull yourself out of an emotionally poor history, or bad health, or change your education, or completely change your mindset, can you become positive where you are negative, can you better your parenting, your heart, your love, your life? Can you disengage from those that continue to hurt you, habits that threaten your life?  Can you quit everything that is harming you?  Can you pursuit a life of your dreams?  Can you walk away from everything that deep inside your heart, inside your gut, you are not?

Yes.  But it takes everyday effort to live as you deserve. Are we ready to do the work?

I was blessed, and raised by a strong female.  I was also immensely loved by my family and had a ton of affection growing up.  From my grandma in Poland, from my father and from my mother.  My sister and I are each other’s cheerleaders, and this helps.  This was my foundation in life – regardless of ANYTHING else I did or didn’t have – it was pretty damn fine.

From here, I learned from others.  From the people that hired me, from Oprah, from books, from YouTube, from mentors, from people I admire from a far, from my husband, my children, from life, experiences, travel, and just that day to day living.  Each day my vow to myself is to grow a bit stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.  My goal is to always be inspired, and in awe of what I previously did not know.  The goal is to learn learn learn so to thicken that foundation and do better each turn.  This is what this entire website is about, increasing our Stealth, our Wealth and our Health, by doing the work ourselves.

If one or all three of these groups aren’t your solid ground right now, and you feel extremely far from where you want to be, it’s possible to get there very quickly.  See, we all believe, initially, that the GOAL is to ALREADY be there, or to be there in present moment, but where we all want to be is on the road, on the journey of incredible habits that we are exercising each and every single day, putting into use daily.  It’s always the destination, and when you are on the right track, you know it.  It just feels alright.

I love independent thinkers and independent human beings that create their best lives for themselves and those they love, without apologies or regrets.  Even if someone gave us a free college education, or a home, or an inheritance or work – STEALTH, WEALTH and HEALTH is truly only achieved and kept on our own.  And once you achieve this, or are on the road to S W & H – no one can grab this from you.  Instead, it’s now building blocks upon building blocks you lay down each day.  Sure, things can go array and you lose a bit of this or that, and get thrown off, but at the end of the day, when you know the road you want to travel, and you know how how high you want to climb, you are already that much closer to who you are, than ever before.

How do you change your life, so quickly?


These three things are it.  They are so simple, and yet, get the rest of us in trouble.

Start off by cleaning up your diet.  I don’t mean go out and purchase vitamin pack upon vitamin pack, but just clean it up.  Just eat more vegetables, eat more fruit, eat more vegetables eat more fruit, eat more vegetables and eat more fruit.  Drink water, drink water, drink water, drink more water.  Where you drank soda, drink water.  Where you purchased a big bag of chips or a pint of ice-cream, eat a pint of blueberries instead.  Where you went through a Wendy’s or Taco Bell drive through, eat more fresh grub.  Don’t complicate it.  The simpler we keep it, the easier it is.  After years and years and years, I’m still trying to figure out the best eating plan and style for me.  Some days I feel I have figured it all out, and the next day, I’m out there with a map and binoculars looking for my right track.  To stay motivated, write down what you ate, and how you felt the next day.  There are so many awesome documentaries on Netflix or videos on YouTube that can keep you strong and motivated daily, and learning the latest on nutrition.

When we keep it clean, and simple, we get right back on track, and thrive.


There’s nothing more powerful, in this entire Universe than NOT purchasing something you don’t need.  If we don’t need it, we keep it.  Throughout the last two decades I saw couples break up.  Beautiful wonderful loving and fun couples break up.  And in every situation it was because of money misunderstanding.  It wasn’t because there was not enough money, but because the money that was coming in, was going out too fast.  Purchases were made that were not needed, and purchasing bordered on addiction.  Buying and buying and buying things, when things were not needed.  Commit to spending less, or stop spending all together.

If you go out to lunch each day, stop.  If you buy breakfast each day, stop.  A lot of people believe that it’s those LITTLE things that they do, that do not impact their overall wealth and financial future, but it’s exactly those LITTLE things.  If you are out and buying a lottery ticket each day, a $10 purchase is $3650 per year, and then $36,500 in 10 years, x interest in the stock market, you could be out 100K.   This may seem like an extreme example, but this is what makes the difference, and why one person who lives in a 200K home, earning $75K/year is broke, and another person who lives in a 200K home, earning $75K, is a millionaire.   Where do you belong?  What do you deserve?

Can you go this whole month by focusing on clean spending.  Just putting away the major credit cards, and especially the little credit cards, and just doing away with all of them.  Discontinue the endless buying, and reconsider all purchases that feel like a MUST.  Put together a BUY ONLY list, and this may include:  utilities, home, transportation (to work), food, and obviously other necessities (like a copay for the doctor if you are your child are not feeling well!)

Otherwise, when you want to get or buy something – check in on your BUY ONLY list.  Is it on there?  Do you need it?  Why do you need it?  What will you do with it?  Is it necessary?  Ask yourself a million questions, if you need to, until you realize, that nope, if it’s not on the BUY ONLY list, the purchase won’t serve your future.


This is my favorite, because once you get into the right mindset, your whole life is free.

What type of thinking do you currently have?  Are you always irritated? Is everyone else to blame for your problems? Are people always annoying you?  Are you just perplexed with these liberals?  Are you bombarded with these conservative?  Is your family amazing or sad or plain crap?  Are you out of your mind with your children?  Is your spouse a loser or your best lover?  What is your thinking like?  Do you laugh when others get hurt?  Are you jealous by nature?  Do you want more all the time?  Are you always the unlucky one?  How do you feel about yourself?  Are you ugly? Are you fat? Are you unforgivable?  Do you tell yourself you have anxiety and stress and worry and you never will be a human grenade ready to bomb?  Can you always be kind?

What is your thinking like, and can you clean it up?  Thinking, and our thoughts design our life.  Clean them up, day by day, and start today.

First, start reading about how to improve your thoughts.  Start reading about emotional intelligence, and positive thinking, and how to become more and more grateful.  Most importantly, take 100% responsibility for your life.  Sure, we have people in all our lives who may give us more grief or nausea or make us sick, but it’s still on us how we react, if we react, how much we let them in, and if they know how we feel.

The mind, our brain is just like any muscle in our body.  We must train it to work exactly how we want it.  We must take an active role and put in a great amount of effort into make sure it’s putting out thoughts, feelings and actions that match our goals.


There could not be a elegant way to ELEVATE our lives, our selves, our hearts, than to CLEAN IT ALL UP.  Start small, and little by little, clean up your grub, your spending, your thoughts, and eventually your life.  Once all the garbage is out, you’ll find room for you, for growth, for health, for happiness, peace and your pretty amazing elevated self.




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