5 Weeks of Running – every morning a new beginning.

Pretty psyched that today concluded 5 whole weeks of morning running!  35 days ago we started, and now, day by day, we’re here!

Week 1:  14.85 miles TOTAL; 9:33 min/mile pace

Week 2: 15.2 miles TOTAL; 9:16 min/mile pace

Week 3: 15.81 miles TOTAL; 8:54 min/mile pace

Week 4: 15.99 miles TOTAL; 8:48 min/mile pace

Week 5: 16.32 miles TOTAL; 8:39 min/mile pace

Little by little, I’m running father in the twenty minutes, by running faster.

Each day the route changes, and I don’t think about where I will go, until I actually press START RUNNING on the Runkeeper app.  I’m a huge fan of not overthinking anything, and just going with the flow.  Because it’s only 20 minutes, I stay pretty close to home, and usually run out 10 minutes, and then back for another 10.  I like to go out a bit father, so I end my run a bit sooner than my actual home, so I can walk back slowly and relax and enjoy the actual quiet and morning time.

The temps the last five weeks have ranged from 26 – 66, but most of this week they were in the 40’s.  This means I could run without a headband or gloves, and in a long sleeve shirt and yoga pants – pretty easy and simple.

The best and my most favorite part about getting out there each morning is that it wakes me up.  It wakes up my mind and body and everything I need to function properly throughout the day.  I certainly feel positive and happy and determined throughout the day, and owe a lot of this to this new morning routine.  I love being showered, and dressed, and warmed up (literally, warmed up), when my kids wake up and when I’m getting them ready.  Sending them off to school when mama is happy and in peace is pretty spectacular.

Twice this week, I ran to the gym, and did a bit of weight/resistance training.  I want to keep my muscles strong and lean and building and staying healthy as this year progresses.  I also want my joints to function well and stay pain free.  For a bit I was feeling a tiny amount of tension in my knee and then in my hip, but all has went away.  Do I think resistance training has anything to do with it – yup!  I believe weight training is like magic for the body – cures pretty much everything.   I am just getting started and need to do a lot more.  I wrote a quick blog about weight training here.

If you want to get started with running, but either don’t love or like running, or have never run in the past, get started anyway.

Tonight, lay out your sneakers, socks, undies, bra, pants and shirt (depending on the weather), download the Runkeeper app, and tuck it into your pants, or whatever makes sense.  I wouldn’t recommend holding and running with a phone.  I have a running belt I snap around my waist that holds my phone.  I have a FitBit too, but it doesn’t calculate the miles correctly, though the time/stopwatch works great!  And wake up with an alarm, or go running as soon as you naturally wake up.  Get out there and get it done.  The first few days aren’t fun.  They are tough and feel hard and are annoying and frustrating and it’s cold.  It’s cold in FL in the AMs, so I’m assuming that it’s cold everywhere.  And this is okay.  Your body quickly warms up and survives.  Science has even proven that cold exposure is pretty amazing for our bodies – so a little JOLT in the AM does a body good.

I’m excited about the health and fitness benefits these 20 minutes have given me, but I don’t run for this.  I run, because I needed to set myself up for a more positive and stronger rest of the day, and this is my vehicle to a day of mental determination and positivity.  It’s really that simple for me.  The actual heart and cardiovascular and muscular benefits are a bonus and a plus, but this is all about waking up correctly, and maxing out each day.

I unfortunately run too early (between 5am-6am), and usually an hour before the sunrise, but sometimes I run later, and catch the sun coming up.  It’s a very humbling experience to be a part of this beautiful start of the day, nature’s morning. It is a nice reminder that ALL OF THIS is way bigger than me/us, and a nice way to realize that each day is a new beginning, a fresh start, another chance to get it right, another day to get and stay strong.


Cheers Readers and Runners and Lovers and as my mama would say:  Stunners! Stun hard!

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