Making homemade bone broth.

I was running with my neighbor and girlfriend at the end of last year, and we got chatting about the health benefits of bone broth.  I ate a ton of chicken noodle soup, and broth based soups growing up in Poland, but as a grown woman and mom and wife now, we don’t really eat any soups at all.  At first, I was going to buy some organic bone broth and feed my system this super food-soup, but then K suggested I could make my very own.

So a few YouTube videos later, I started making my very own bone broth.  Last night I made my third batch of home made bone broth and it yielded about a dozen mason jars (or 24 servings – 1 jar = 1 for me, 1 for my hubby).  If you have a crock pot, put in beef bones into it, add some apple cider vinegar, and fill with water to the top, and let it simmer on low for 2-3 days.  You can also make veggie bone broth, with a ton of vegetables.  I have never made veggie bone broth, but certainly can try in the near future!  I find the beef bones in the freezer section, usually wrapped by Publix, and they are pretty inexpensive (usually around $3-4 a pack, and I use two packs to make the broth).


A few weeks ago, we ended up making a nice curry with lamb meat, so for this batch, we had lamb bones available, and that’s what we used this time around.  Once the 2-3 days passes, where my crock-pot is on low, I turn it off and let it cool.  Then, I drain it all using a cheese cloth and a colander.  I ended up getting a dozen mason jars from Publix (for less than $13, maybe they were even $9.99), and put all the bone broth in the jars.

It’s THIS much fun making this.  You have to be prepared and expect to have super greasy hands, and super greasy cookware because this is a HIGH SUPER FAT GRUB.  I didn’t bother even putting any of this in the dishwasher, but washed all twice, in hot water and soap.  Legit #elbowgrease!



I freeze them all, and whenever we’re in the mood for the bone broth, I take it out and put it in the fridge to defrost, or just microwave it warm.

To actually made this edible and delicious, I add Himalayan salt and pepper.  You can add anything you wish such as kale, veggies, hard boiled egg, green onion or nothing at all – but only when I’m actually ready to drink/eat the bone broth do I add the flavors.  While it’s cooking, I keep it as is.

This is bone broth with kale, a bit of salmon, some kimchi and an egg, a whole meal, and a lot of pepper and some salt.


My favorite most recently, is having the bone broth with Bragg Liquid Aminos.  It’s like soy sauce, but without the junk.  It really gives it that Chinese/salty soup tasty flavor.  I add a bit of cut up green onion/scallion, and it’s legit perfection.  Nothing else is needed.

Every single morning AFTER drinking some bone broth, I can see a major difference in my face/skin.  It looks tighter, and healthier and clearer and pretty darn perfect (totally biased here).  It’s all that collagen!

The benefits of bone broth are pretty amazing, and I won’t do it justice writing them out here, but it’s a really nice and natural way to get protein and fat into your body so you can thrive and grow healthy.  While in the crock-pot, all the goodness and health comes out of the bones, and combines with water and creates the “bone broth”.

I can only imagine that taking a shot of this each day would be pretty super as well, if you didn’t want to go all out and make “soup”.  Or you could certainly use it as a base for other grub.

As I’m growing up (because I feel I just started this year), I’m learning and challenging myself more to not only know and believe that whole foods are pretty amazing for our bodies, minds, but to really understand the science behind eating well.  I have just started learning about the microbiome and gut bacteria, and what a fascinating topic this is.  It’s absolutely endless, and we’re just learning so much.  Brilliant humans figured this out years and years ago, but the rest of us need to learn and figure this out asap, so we can began quickly, yet slowly eating for our gut health.  Food, in combination with rest/sleep, exercise, and de-stressing/meditation activities/life – is what will help us thrive and live disease free.


Cheers, and stay strong, and stay free.  Eat well to live well.


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