Our only job is to get and stay strong.

What’s the purpose of each day, of each year, of life, of our families, of our goals and relationships and everything we do?   Why do what we do?  Why set goals and overcome obstacles?

I believe it is to grow strong, get strong, and stay strong.  There is so much to do, so much to learn, so much to experience, and so much to live through, but when we educate ourselves, when we start putting into play the right actions and emotions and ideas and habits and routines, we start to create really strong and healthy and happy and peaceful humans, we create the best ourselves.

This is legit my goal, today and tomorrow and forever.  How can I leave today – giving it my all, all my love and kindness and work ethic and sweat, while still spending the day in a calm and happy state, and then start tomorrow – with a tiny bit more resilience and determination and positivity, than yesterday?

I have always wanted this, but I always attempted it in pieces.  I wanted the calm life, but then I really wanted something contradictory.  Lately, day by day, it’s been fun putting together, slowly, and with lots of errors and mistakes (of course), days I am proud of.  I gave my all to my husband, to my work, to my children, to my writing and talents I want to pursue, to my friends, to my animals, to self development, to learning, to science, to nature, to exercise, to food, to shopping, and spending, and saving and investing, and to finances, but I did it all just enough, enough to have a lot of space left over.  The goal is to give of yourself, to strengthen yourself, but not to weaken yourself.

You can’t grow stronger, if you give away all of your energy, or you bankrupt yourself emotionally, or financial or physically.

How do we find that middle ground?  We certainly don’t get stronger by not doing anything, or by sitting on our couch, or by giving up, or losing hope, or by feeling anxious or depressed and therefore paralyzed to do anything.

Grab a hold of the habits and life you want to practice and live, and put them into action.  If all you do each day is drink a lot of water, enough water to make you feel good, get that done, and be extremely proud of that.  The very next day you are waking up stronger and healthier, and more hydrated, and therefore stronger.  If you go to bed each night, reading something positive, and falling asleep with gratitude in your heart (regardless of the day), then that next morning, you are waking up a bit more stronger, because you all of the sudden, have a bit more love, and thankfulness and grace in your soul.  If you do something like journal, or take a walk, or eat a salad, and you do this today and tomorrow and the next day – you are growing stronger, you are becoming stronger, and you are turning habits that bring positive growth into your real life.

I like to keep a list of everything I do well for myself.  I keep this list on an Excel file, but also in my head.  I jot down if I took my vitamins, I write down the foods I ate that HELPED my body, helped my gut, I jot down what I ate overall, and the time I started, and the time I stopped and started my overnight fast.  I write down how far and how fast I ran, and if I took my dog for a walk at lunch.  I write down if I weight trained, and how many words I blogged.  I write down how many calls and emails and work conference calls I set up and had.  I note what type of math I did with my son, if I vacuumed up the house, if my son read in the AM and PM, and what type of snacks and dinner all of the kids had.  I jot down what time I woke up, and think about how well I slept.  I write down my total steps for the day.

At first, I WANTED a life where I slept well, rested well, exercised well, learned, and was super present and there for my kids, and did well by my work, and also nurtured my own dreams and my needs.  But I found myself feeling very far from my ideal life – even though I knew what I wanted.  I decided to celebrate all of the things I did that I knew would strengthen me for the next day.  And then I did more, and more and more, and now they have started to come together.  Little by little, those tiny little habits and things give me so much pleasure and happiness, yet at the same time, positively intensify my body, mind and life.

At this point, getting stronger means being able to recognize and appreciate and surround myself with nature, walk my puppppa, and hold tightly to my children, yet give them enough space to grow into independent and efficient humans.

The turnaround can happen quickly, and if you find yourself frazzled, or unhealthy, or going down the wrong path, the wrong way – turn it around.  This doesn’t mean you have to up-heave your entire life, to get the right way, but start with just one thing.  What you know bolster your tomorrow, is not necessarily what will do it for me or another human.  Be as fiercely independent in your habits as your heart desires.  Check in deeply with exactly what will put you in an enhanced position, and get it done.

Take it one day and one habit at a time.  And then add on, and document.  Document document document, and keep documenting until you are LIVING it all out.

To wake up each morning and feel and be more solid than the day before strengthens your foundation, and your ability to do more with less, to do more when challenges arise, and to get through each day – REGARDLESS of what happens, with a ton more vitality.  You want to get to a point where you are able to handle anything and everything without breaking down – in any way.  Or if you allow yourself time to heal, you get it done, in a way that will once aging give you more vitality, foundation and life boost.

I remember getting my blood pressure taken often, especially when preggo, and it was always in the 120s over whatever.  Healthy but not ideal for me.  Yesterday, I sat at a machine at Publix and took my blood pressure, and know that it’s nice and low because of these tiny little habits I’ve put into the daily system, to get stronger, healthier, and live more in peace.


Lots of things happen to us in life, we live through tough times, tough people and many periods of pain.  But how do those events and periods effect you, how do will you choose them to effect you? (I hope I’m using the correct “effect” here!)  Do they give you MORE reason to live, more reason to do well by yourself, or do they do the opposite.  We must be proud of what we had to overcome and will have to overcome in the future.  It’s not always pretty, it’s certainly not always fair, but it’s part of it all.  And when we create a life of constant development and re-development – we have more and more tools to get through it all – with nothing but grace.

Cheers, and stay strong.  Get better for strength, so that you can handle it all, and handle it well, the good and the challenging, the fun and the minutia!






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