The power of staying ON COURSE, regardless of the woes.

Yesterday, during my run, my left hip felt really sore.  I’m not exactly sure why exactly it hurt, because besides sore feet, I never had any sore hips.  What the hip is going on!

But with each step on yesterday’s run, the hip muscle hurt, and it was getting more sore the last few days I ran.  Even post run, I asked my excellent masseuse (aka the husband) to massage the pain out.  With his best effort and strong muscles and sexy arms and hands, it didn’t go away.  So I finished running yesterday, and figured that it was going to be my last run for the next few days.  There’s nothing exciting about a 35 year old mom causing herself to limp in the spirit of a casual running habit, even thought it was an amazing 40 day consecutive running journey (just sayin’).

Needless to say, last night as the kids were playing football and wresting and throwing the Frisbee (all in the house, all at the same time), I was going semi-crazy I was able to move my sexy Schwinn Airdyne bike out of my office, and into our garage.  I first tested out how loud it is, if I kept it in the house.  I would probably be on it between 5-6am and it was way too loud, while in the house, so off to the garage we went.  Somehow, miraculously, it fit in a decent spot (right next to the garbage can), and will stay there going forward.

This morning I got up, and I hoped the hip would be 1000% all better, and I could lace up my kicks and go for a run.  Instead, it was sore, so there was no more hoping and thankfully no hopping either!  It was not as sore as yesterday all day, but still enough to warrant a break from running.  And so I changed the exercise mode on the Runkeeper app from running to cycling and turned the GPS off (because mama wasn’t getting anywhere on a stationary bike), and put on my favorite YouTube Channel (High Intensity Health), and rode that bike for 20 min!  It wasn’t euphoric, but I was pretty sweaty at the end, and I assume will be even more sweaty tomorrow, as that muscle and sweat memory starts to grow.  Plus, I learned a few more things listening to my favorite health channel!

I thought about the importance of going with the flow, and flowing with the river in many of the obstacles, challenges or situations that come up on us!  I could have certainly gotten really upset that I couldn’t continue my little running exercise but instead, no one has time for that!  My friend says it best, whenever it’s MORE nuts to fight something than to just go with the happy flow.  I know it’s not always fair and fun when things don’t go as we planned them out, but we must start flowing with the river, and stop the maddening paddling against it.

The complaining, the whining, the crying, the poor me, the unfairness of it all – has to end.  We just must go with whatever is happening and make up a new path, and take the fork in the road if it’s necessary.  I’m not talking about the BIG things here that we need to SCREAM about to change.  I’m talking about the minutia that can turn us around too often, or take us too far down the wrong road.  A lot of times, we are so quick to react and get upset, and get stuck in that stage of “unfairness” when a plan goes array, but instead, it’s important to not get in that space.  Maybe because I always have to be on for my kiddos, and work, and all my personal goals, but going down that HOLE and getting stuck down there is no longer an option.  We must just keep moving on.

I get how easy it is to go down that path, and stay in there, and willow in there, and live in there, and feel sad, and cause yourself more pain, and feel that hurt, or anger, or defeat or failure, or just lay there, and cry and let it all simmer.  I did this so often.  I did.  Whatever would happen, I would let myself get upset, and sad, and the gamut of negative and challenging emotions, and just remain there physically, emotionally, spiritual – in the dark – until I decided that it was ENOUGH and crawl out of it.  Holy guacamole, it was exhausting, and I would do this so often.

Now, no more.  It’s time to keep moving forward.  I credit the fact that I’m a mom, and have to be available for my kiddos all of the time.  I have to work, and I can’t work in a bad mental state.  I have goals, and I have to stay determined, and I have to keep moving on.  If I don’t feel great, I just keep going on and I know deep in my heart, it will all pass and the sun will continue to shine on.

Imagine if the Eagles gave up, after their quarterback hurt his knee?  Imagine if they decided to crumble?  Imagine if they mentally decided that they could no longer score because they didn’t have Carsen (we are tight, that’s we’re on a first name basis).  Imagine if a team of young millennials didn’t keep going.? We would not have THIS HAPPY GUY sitting right there, basking in Super Bowl glory.  And we would own a jersey that my son wanted for Christmas of a quarterback that couldn’t finish the season.  Instead, we now own a ton of jerseys of of a team that are finally world champs.  That’s the POWER of staying on course, and not getting turnt!


We must do this especially when all too often, we let others effect us.  Not everyone has positive energy, not everyone understands the importance of staying mentally strong.  Not everyone has yet figured out the necessity of living your life through that brightly colored glass, not everyone focuses on self-development, and gratefulness.  It’s okay to love, and give grace to humans who are not where we want to be, but we must put a lot of physical or emotional space in between the two.  Negative energy is contagious and it may get you, especially if you are just starting out building your very best emotional self.

I challenge us all to always keep moving on, and flowing with that beautiful river of life, regardless of the complexities, troubles, and adversity.  Get in the LIFE boat – WHICHEVER way it wants to go – and relax through it all.  Figure out a new plan, adjust the goals, and don’t let yourself get pulled off the boat.  Just keep holding on, and moving on, and flying through it all – HOWEVER UGLY, however unfair, however un-fun – just keep moving on.  No more fighting, just let’s keep on keeping on!

Cheers, and let’s stay strong, and aim for the long-term!





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