Homemade Dog Food, mostly protein & fat, and love.

I was walking my dog this sunny Saturday, and I couldn’t help but feel that this PUP is walking ME.  Because of HIM, I’m out here, in the sun (though with a hat and sunglasses, and a t-shirt that is covering me up to the neck because there will be no saggggga chest skin for this non-sun-bathing-mama) getting all this beautiful and FREE vitamin D.  The SUN makes me so happy.  It really allows us to constantly see the non-stop good that surrounds us.

I got a bit teary-eyed thinking that maybe he saved me (in both the long term and short term health goals & longevity) because he has given me that special job of walking him for 30 minutes a day – less than 2 miles, around our neighborhood.  The power of GETTING OUT THERE, as close to nature as possible, or sometimes just in fresh air, is freeing, and healing.

Trees in water, the reflection, my favorite part of our walks is seeing this.


As soon as we got home, I started making his 4th batch of HOMEMADE DOGGGY FOOD!  We ran out of it last night, and this morning I had to give him only the store purchased kind, and he looked at me, like “Ya kiddin right, where my grub be at?”  And so, having just purchased all the ingredients, I got to work for my number one stunna!

Ingredients, all from Alid:






white rice

Instead of using a whole bag of sweet pots, like I’ve used the last several batches, this time I added salmon, and made it heavier in protein and fat, versus heavier in carbohydrates.  Dogs do well on a low carb diet, just like us humans, so I was excited to see that it still made two weeks worth of grub.

I first brown the beef, add a bit of water, then I chopped up the onion (which is really great for their gut health too!), and then added celery.  I let this cook for a bit, kept stirring, and then added the salmon.  Because of the skin, I used a pair of scissors to cut it all up.  Once this cooked up a bit, I crushed and added a dozen eggs.  Dogs do well eating egg shells, so the WHOLE egg went into his food.

Kinda gross, but still kinda cool.



Once this all cooked for a bit, I took it off the heat and let it cool down, before storing it in two separate Tupperware containers.  I froze one, and one went into the fridge.  I give our dog 1c for breakfast along with 1c dry dog food, and then the same for dinner.  I found a grain free dry dog food at Aldi, and am replacing the current dry dog food we have now, with this type going forward.  I am not doing a price comparison, because idontwannaknow.  Though, what gives me piece of mind is that I would much rather spend $ on better dog food, than vet bills in a few years.


This is my first year of being a real dog owner, and I can’t help but feel incredibly responsible for his health and happiness, and physical security.  I want this guy feeling good for as long as possible, because unlike children and humans, he can’t let me know if something is off.  All I can go on is how healthy his poop looks (I know, it’s gross, but it’s the truth), and that’ he’s sleeping well, and acting well, and generally looks happy.  As we get to know him more and more, it will be easy to spot when something is off, but for now, thankfully, all is good!

if you are thinking of owning a dog, or if you already have your best friend living with you, try your hand at making your very own dog food.  It’s really not that complicated, and put a few ingredients together, and feed them to your pup.  I’ll continue to work adding one ore two veggies to his food, along with an array of protein products.  I can always go HAM, and buy everything organic and grass fed, and well, we are barely there with our own human food, so da dogga will have to wait – but we have to have goals! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I also recently learned that dogs help increase our immunity, especially that of our children, which is pretty exciting.  I can see how animals, especially dogs DO expose us to new and more germs and bacteria, and therefore making us stronger.  Yet, my favorite part of having Artex a part of our family, is that I get to learn more about it all (food, nutrition, health) by taking care of him, and that’s is pretty rad and priceless!

Cheers, DoggyLovers!

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