Getting an exercise routine started, and keeping it going, day after day.

2018 has consisted of 43 total days, and each and every morning, I’ve managed to get my booty up, and out the door to run, and the last four days, stationary bike.  I also set a goal of writing a blog post each day, and today’s would be blog post #38.  I’m five posts behind, but no big thang.  I’ll continue to write about exciting and interesting topics, and I’m committed to publishing new words each day that motivate me and everyone reading, to stay on tracks with our goals of health, wealth and stealth!

This particular morning routine, and being able to sweat it out for 20 minutes has allowed me to step up my game and set up my day for a bit more personal success.  In 2010 I completed 365 days of running, and it changed my life.  I started as a single woman to finishing the year of running pregnant with first and only little boy with my now husband and best friend.  It was LIFE CHANGING, and I owe 10000% of the wonderful life that was created to getting my bum out the door, and CHANGING things up.

It’s easy when we don’t take an active role each morning to WAKE up and set some intentions to get stuck in old patterns or habits, or even unhealthy and unhappy patterns and habits.  Being able to wake up and increase the heart rate for 20 minutes, and come back in, sweaty and excited and with the blood flowing sets up the day the right away.

What also happens in those 20 minutes is that WHATEVER happened the day before or the night before, gets washed out.  It’s healthy to LET THINGS go, and not live in the past, regardless of how recent.  Whenever I get running or biking, it’s a physical transformation that lets bad energy out and the activity helps process whatever has happened, and let’s it ride out.  I know that may people live with anxiety, and I’ve experienced moments of anxiety in the past, and learning and training our bodies to LET GO of what we can no longer use or what is no longer helpful is extremely important.

In 2018, we need an OUTLET to discharge of the endless amount of information we are subjected to.  The emails, the texts, the phone calls, all of the noises, the to do lists, the news, the TV, the social media, the news feeds — everything is out there putting in information into our system.  A morning routine, that includes getting busy for 20 minutes has helped me organize and then ELIMINATE all that non-important information.  After I finish, I feel OPEN, clear and in PEACE and mostly excited for the day ahead.  It’s nice to be able to look at whatever has to happen next both in the short term (like lunches, and a shower, and the work day), and then the long term (what do we have to do this month, what do we have to do this year), and be able to handle BOTH calmly.

I mention the morning, because the morning works well for me.  But you may find that you do best working at midday, or in the evening when the day is OVER, and you can truly relax.  Whenever you can fit in a routine that nourishes your soul and replenishes you – get it done.

It’s powerful to be able to start a habit and continue it daily.  It does get easier each day, and even if you have to re-start and re-start and re-start, just keep going with it.  Because I’ve gotten up each morning and immediately know what I need to get done, I am confident that TOMORROW I’ll be able to do the same, with minimal effort. YET, when I started, and specifically December 30 of the past year, I had to lay out EVERY single article of clothing I needed for the next morning’s run.  Why?  Because I didn’t have a habit or a routine established.  I usually slept until I woke up or was woken up, and I would get out of bed and do whatever needed to get done, I didn’t do what I needed to do for myself to then do everything that needed to get done the right way.  I also remember several times I made running dates, I would barely sleep the night before because it was not my ROUTINE to get up and get out the door, therefore forcing my body to sleep light because I was afraid I would not get up.

If you don’t have your ideal morning routine set up, commit to something you can do tomorrow, and put EVERYTHING in place to get it done.  If this means you lay out every single piece of everything you need, get it done.  If this means setting two alarms, get it done. The next day, do the same, and then the next day, until it all starts to become a habit and a routine.  Now, my children even know that I’m outside in the AM, and I always come back sweaty, and it’s NORMAL for them to see me this way.  Yet, it takes time.  Give yourself as much time as you need to set up a daily routine, you can execute each day, weekends included.  After spending time with friends on the weekends late into some nights, I still get up the next morning, because otherwise, it would be easier to fall off.  Yet, what I have noticed is now when I’m having fun, I make sure that the fun I’m having doesn’t make it completely IMPOSSIBLE to still get up the next day and have a great run.  If this means an earlier bedtime or less wine, or less sweets, then it’s a WIN.

Ideally, we always want what we want, with minimal effort.  And this is the goal and will happen.  Yet, we must turn a routine into our normal daily life, so it’s never a separate thing, but natural and part of life like everything else we do without thinking.  I drink water, I breath, I sleep, and I workout in the am.  It’s still a tiny bit separated, but it’s merging and merging into normal everyday life, and will continue to.

The biggest tip I can share is to document the change.  Open up an Excel file and jot down what you’ve done each day.  My son’s teacher taught me this, because by having us fill out a reading log, we started reading so much more.  It’s the same with whatever you want to get done physically and with your morning routine.  How long did you run or bike or yoga or mediate?  How many miles, how did you feel?  What day is it, and how many days in a row?  This is so incredibly motivating to me, and I love seeing the numbers go up.  It’s a PHYSICAL measure of your success, success that you can ONLY build onto it daily.  Can you see improvements? Can you see consistency? Can you share it with others?  Can you go two days in a row, can you go for a whole week, or a month or 30 days or 100 days?  Can you get excited about running your first 100 miles, or biking 1000 this year?

It’s not very exciting but it gets me excited to keep building.


Thankfully, my schedule and that of my husband has kept me home so there have been no big snags in my ability to get up.  Obviously, if he traveled or if I had to travel for work, I would have to get a bit more CREATIVE in making sure my goals kept on.  Yet, that’s part of the fun.  Can you still get done what you need to get done, even with challenges and obstacles?  If you are in a morning routine that is serving you, and you realize how much it is benefiting your mental and physical health, it’s easy to get creative and STILL get it done.  Yet, when you aren’t, it’s easier to only look at the obstacles and the excuses right there in front of us all.  I hate talking about excuses because I’ve made plenty of them in the past.  Heck, I still do!  But, it’s good to call them exactly what they are – excuses!  And only when we keep learning and recognizing what we need to do – that we put the right wheels into motion.

What if you kept trying and trying and trying to successful workout each morning or each day but always quit or fail.  Well, so have I.  I’ve been there.  Heck, it was 2010 the last time I finished my 365 running streak, and it’s now 2018.  So yes, did it take me eight years to FINALLY get back on the wagon and holding on instead of falling off.  Have I tried over and over and over to start other routines that I knew would serve me deeply on every level, but never manged to!  Yup.  That’s just life.

Give yourself grace, and move the heck on, and keep trying, try again, and get it done. Compare yourself to no one, and just get out there.  Wake up today or tomorrow and move it.  Move your body, clear your mind, set up a vehicle of GETTING RID OF THAT BAD ENERGY through sweat, and then welcome in all that FRESH AIR and FRESH perspective and peace through deep breaths.  Whatever you start, you will change up, but just get started.  I started just running, and I had to pause to heal my sore hip, and now I’m biking.  I also want to swim and maybe will have to do 20 minutes of elliptical time in the future, and then run again.  I have added weight training to the routine, and other movement.  I will continue to curtail and add and listen and take away and make it exactly what my body needs that day.

Cheers to YOU, and your morning routine, your exercise streak, you getting started and most importantly keeping it going and going and going, until it’s paramount that YOUR particular routine has become YOUR life and the way you live and breath and kick off each day, completely in ease and peace.




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