Nurture your soul. What can you do right now?

What is it that you really like to do?  Those little tiny things that are no big deal, but you can enjoy blissfully and un-apologetically?  Are you able to nurture your soul, all the time?  Maybe it’s coffee your favorite way.  Maybe it’s sitting down with tea, and reading a magazine.  Maybe it’s just getting back in bed, on a Saturday afternoon, for a nap.  Maybe it’s your makeup, maybe it’s a walk, or a super slow walk where you can breath and take it all in.

As I continue to write, I am starting to uncover that my mission in life may be to help women, help mothers, help humans to constantly grow stronger mentally, so that we can do everything we need to, and everything we want to, and live our very best lives, full of peace and gratefulness.

And for this, we must nurture our souls, constantly.

Yesterday, we focused on identifying and staying grateful for all that we have, yet, how is that possible without sitting back, standing back, and taking a tiny break, to allow us free time, a moment of time for gratitude activity.  First, identify what you absolutely love doing, what makes you feel good, what gives you that sense of pride in your life, a sense of freedom, that feeling of happiness.  This may be big or small, and at this point in my life, it’s just the TINIEST things for me, because it’s busy, and always going.

I don’t have the luxury just yet to vacation for a week at a spa or resort, BUT I do have a moment each day to make myself a delicious cup of coffee, and enjoy each sip.  Especially on the weekends.  On the weekends, I have 15 minutes to sit out in my lanai, and kick up my feet, and drink my coffee and just breath.  It makes me feel like I’m living the absolutely best life, and it’s just coffee, outside.

Homemade fancy coffee and homemade guacamole bring me back to life.

How can you constantly put yourself in a state of luxury and soul liberty several times throughout the day or week?  After I finish working out, I take a few minutes (maybe 3 or 4, but feels much longer), to sit out on my driveway on my yoga mat, and stretch it out.  It’s honestly the shortest amount of time, but it gives me that feeling of WOWWWWWWWWWW, I am NOW ready to get back in the house and get it all done for the kids, and for work and for life, and am ready for what’s in store.

In the PM, we pick up my daughter from her school on our golf cart, and lately the weather has always been sunny, and warm, and just riding 15mph to her school, with my best friend by my side – feels like a VACATION.  I can also decompress from the workday, and just relax, and sometimes we say nothing at all to each other, and sometimes we discuss the day’s events, or what’s coming up.  It’s a luxurious amount of time, that isn’t long, or extended, but just enough to absorb some vitamin D and let any bad energy go.

Can you find moments in your day, that you enjoy so very much, and focus on them more?  Can you treat yourself to your favorite activities?  Whether these are in your home, at your work, or special outside activities such as a pedicure, or a massage, or a gym session.  What can you do for yourself each day or each week, to bring you back to you, to bring you into constant nurturing and self-love?

Enjoying that outdoor air.

Perhaps it’s cooking your favorite grub, or cleaning up your home, or spending time on your favorite couch, reading a good book, or maybe it’s writing, or texting with a friend, or laying out in the sun or making a shake? What can you do, for you?

My husband needed a haircut, and I asked him if he could drop me off at Publix while he got it done.  I am always rushing while grocery shopping, so that day, I decided to just to lounge my way through the store.  I wanted to look at every vegetable, and then all their teas, and all the different flour products they have, and everything interesting I don’t ever have a chance to see.  Usually, most grocery trips, and I’m assuming this is the same for all busy humans, is a SUPERMARKET SWEEP type of run, where you are running from one item or another, or racing through the aisles dropping items into your cart like a mad clown.  But not that day, that day I was able to slowly mosey my way through, and it felt HEAVENLY, nurturing my insides.

In the evening, when it’s almost bedtime, after dinner is done, and the kitchen is cleaned up, I make myself a cup of tea.  And I want to sit down for a few minutes and watch Jeopardy.  My children at this point are playing right in front of me, and they are wrestling or building forts, or playing with those magnet pieces, and it all just feels right.  Everyone is fed, and clean, and happy, and the day is coming to an end.  I try hard not to think about work, but only about the fun that is presently going on.  Jeopardy is a silly game to check in with each night, but its so fun for me.  Thankfully in FL it comes on at 730pm, so it’s just enough time to get all the above done, and now relax with Alex Trebek.

These are the type of tiny little things that nourish my soul.  In these moments, I take back a bit of my sanity, and peace, and thrive on the kindness it brings forth.  In these moments, it’s EASY to think about all the good in our lives, and in these moments, it’s also easier to know that the tough times shall pass.  This is what feeling nurtured feels like:  total peace.  But when we don’t activate and do anything to bring ourselves back from the stress, the madness, the anxiety, how can we survive and thrive?

If you can, make a physical list or a mental list of everything you enjoy in this way.  And then put as many small tiny little actions in motion, so that you do spend this time, checking in with yourself.  Get to them right away.  Since many reading are now celebrating the weekend, use this weekend to get started.  What can you do for yourself today? Indulge yourself in your favorite activities, so that your soul can tag you back with super good feelings and truly feel nurtured.  It’s impossible to keep going and going and going, without these tiny breaks of love for ourselves.   Maybe you love to go to Barnes & Noble, and just sit back and read cookbooks or self help or a new mystery.  Maybe it’s the library.  Maybe you love Starbucks or Dunkin and just want to drink some coffee or tea in peace. Maybe you want to take some extra time and get your hair done, and nails done, or you want to put in this time yourself.  It could be anything and everything, and it’s our job to create these moments for ourselves.  Your partner nor your children know exactly what you want and need all the time, so take charge, and re-charge.

Cheers to you and your soul.  Cheers to a cup of your favorite moments alone.



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