Keto/Low Carb Cheesecake: no flour, no sugar.

There’s more and more evidence about getting sugar or processed empty nutrient carbs out of our bodies, out of the food supply, and out of everything we put into our bodies.  It’s a mountainous task, and will we ever really ever see a grocery store filled with just the right grub, grub that nourishes your bod, versus hurts it?  Grub that is keto and low carb friendly that does not raise our blood sugar and illicit an insulin response? Probably not in my lifetime (even if I live until 150 which is the goal), but maybe just maybe.

The best thing I have heard recently about the ideal diet for all of us, is that none exist, we instead must CREATE what is perfect for us all.  It’s pretty brilliant, and if you take a step back and actually understand the importance of CREATING, with trial and error and research and time, the perfect diet for you, we are only then – on our way to creating the healthiest human we can all be and become.

With so many diets out there in the market place, the obesity rates, diabetes rates, depression and heart disease climbing, we know certain facts.

Facts: sugar makes ya sick.  And the older we are, the sicker we feel almost immediately afterwords.  I can’t have sugar in small amounts (not that I would ever want sugar in small amounts, because if I’m eating sugar it’s in BIG amounts), or else it immediately leads to (personally for me):

binge eating

mood swings

These two are awful for me.  Now, sugar may affect you in different ways, but for me personally, I will be hot one moment and cool the next, excited or sad, angry or super psyched.  It’s amazing that at one point I really thought I may have had bipolar disorder, when in fact, I was just stuffing my face with crap.  And using the word crap doesn’t describe the affects of sugar strong enough.

Recently, and always, because researching nutrition is always an act of LOVE and happiness in my world, I FINALLY got it into my head the dangers of personally ingesting sugar (and I believe for many people) and eating more keto.  I realized once you eliminate sugar from your diet, you will probably start to wake up like a whole new human.

I’ve gotten serious about putting more whole foods into my body, and that of my family, and slowly eliminating the junka.  Creating the perfect diet for you, means we have to incorporate foods and a lifestyle that works for us individually.  What works for me, may not work for you.  You may drink, eat, travel, work, socialize completely differently than me.  Therefore, we will have different schedules, requirements, needs, wants, cravings and nutritional desires.  We all also have different genes, and what effects you, does not effect me, and vice versa.  And that’s what’s confusing, because no one is the same, YET, we all can always benefit from more vegetables, less sugar.

Because I am a social being, I absolutely love a good get-together with good people at least once per weekend.  I started to research some low carb/low sugar desserts for my life.  Now, in the past, I promised myself I would never ever eat dessert again, but that worked as well as high heels on ice.  After a week of amazing eating, one get together and I was eating 8 cookies, 10 cupcakes and a chocolate piece of cake along with endless amounts of sweet wine.  But that’s just me.  So this time around, because when we know better, we do better, I decided to set myself up for some success.

My neighbor was celebrating a 40th birthday party this past weekend, and I made a pretty rad keto/low carb cheesecake for his birthday!  I wanted to make sure I had something pretty sweet and fabulous to eat, and something that wasn’t going throw me off a healthy eating plan.  And if it’s good for me, sharing is caring, so it’s good for others too!

I made the same cheesecake for my husband’s recent 38th birthday, and ALL OF THE CREDIT goes to  You can find the exact recipe here!

I started off with eggs, creme cheese, sour creme and vanilla and lemon extract, and added the sweetener Swerve.  There are a ton of sweeteners out on the market, so do your research about which one is healthiest, and which one is best for you.  I also have been a bit cray about using really good ingredients so you can use everything organic for everything or really well sourced grub, which of course, makes things just that much better.

I used a hand mixer to blend up the above, and then I used the Nutribullet (or if you have a Vitmax), to make it go from lumpy to silky and creamy!  It was EVERYTHING.

I made my crust in the food processor and added sliced almonds, and hazelnuts, and grass-fed butter, and you can add chia seeds, and whatever else would make a delicious crust.  I padded down the crust in my cheesecake pan, and then poured the cheesecake mix on top.  1 hour in the oven at 300 degrees, and BOOM!!!

Decorating this beauty was the funnest part.  I have come a long way, because if you showed me a “cake” with fruit on it, in the past, I would have ran to the closest grocery store for a tiramisu or a carrot cake (my two favorites), faster than a lion chasing their prey, but now, as I get older and wiser, I realize that FRUIT is dessert! We don’t need shitty high fructose corn syrup that raises our blood sugar, and starts us on the road to diabetes, often, if ever.  But we must put the effort in to set ourselves up for keto success.

I used raspberries, and blueberries, and blackberries to top the whole cake without any additional sugar or mix.  It was so pretty and perfect.  The leftover fruit, my son had the next day for a snack.  He loves apples, and pineapple, and strawberries and blueberries, but I was surprised he ate all of the blackberries and raspberries (as blackberries then to be a bit rough).  So double win win, as those berries have some of the highest nutrient content, out of all fruit.

I should have made the keto cheesecake cake the day before and refrigerated it, because it was pretty warm when we all cut into and ate it, but live and learn!

I wish someone sat me down at 20 and said to me:  “You know, sugar can mess you up.  It’s pretty bad for you and your body and your mind and your type.” But, now at 35, I’m learning this, slowly, at times painfully, and other times, beautifully.  I am not saying that SUGAR affects you this way too.  It does for me.  And if I knew the importance of avoiding it sooner than now, I’m curious about the life experiences I would have had.  BUT, we can’t go back, and we can’t regret, we can only forgive ourselves and keep moving forward as best as we can.  I also want to share that the best diet for me does not include Swerve or sweeteners or cream cheese every day.  BUT, there are special occasions from time to time, and when it is that time, it’s nice to have a treat that works IN your diet, and for your body, versus causing instant damage.

Create your ideal diet, and then fill it with what is most delicious for you – of the most natural and best kind.

Cheers, healthy food lovers.


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