Schwinn Airdyne – getting stronger with this bike.

I just got off my Schwinn Airdyne bike, and I have been riding that badddddd boy every morning since my hip starting hurting from running.

12 days – Schwinn Airdyne bike

1 day – elliptical

40 days – running 

I am dedicating myself to building up my arse/glutes, and leg muscles, by squatting and doing some dead lifts with dumbbells to hopefully strengthen THAT WHOLE AREA, so I can run again.  The other day I was listening to an amazing video, and in it they said:  running is a PRIVILEGE.  You must first be STRONG, and then you can run.

This really makes a lot of sense to me, because the goal isn’t to hurt myself or run through injuries, but to use running and all cardio to keep that heart muscle strong, and the mind wise.  The weight training is a must for me, and it will be fun to see what happens in the next few months.

Yesterday, after taking my dog for a walk, I got home, and did bent over rows, and shoulder presses and these dead-lifts with my 25lb dumbbells.  I am certainly sore this morning, but I was even more excited to get on the Schwinn this morning.  I love this machine because it’s simple, but it does so much for the body. It quickly gets the heart rate up, but then, because it’s using both the legs and arms to move the Schwinn, it feels like my muscles are growing as I ride. There’s no “going through the motion” on this thing, you must keep pushing and pulling the entire ride.

I purchased this Schwinn for myself as a college graduation gift in 2004.  I believe it was about $600.  I remember dragging it up to a 3rd floor apartment, and then riding it whenever I could.  It made so many moves throughout the years, but thankfully, it still is in good shape.  It uses AIR as resistance, so there’s no plugging in.  The screen still works, which is good, because I would have no clue how to replace it or fix it if it broke, though I having a feeling my husband could figure it out.  I’m sure it’s powered by a simple battery.

My neighbor came by the other day, and she thought it was an antique, because this machine has been around for so long.  She remembered a family member having it years and years ago.  Now they just made them newer, but the whole model is the same, so it does look very old school.  I often see them on the sidelines of NFL games, keeping the players warm and their blood flowing.

The ONLY bad part about this particular Schwinn is that it’s LOUD.  You couldn’t be on it, and not have your ear buds in.  You couldn’t watch TV, while riding it, unless your ear buds connected to the TV.  I listen to YouTube songs or videos, and have no issues, but with my buds in.  I ride it out in my garage, because if I rode it in the house, the whole house would hear it. My son is usually up by 6am, but even if he was sleeping, I’ve made sure that he can’t hear it in his room.   In my first post college apartment, which was on the 2nd floor, I could never ride it, because it caused my neighbor’s 1st floor to vibrate.  So, the ONLY negative about this bike, is that it’s not really condo, or 2nd floor friendly.  Though, my bike is at least 14 years old, and I bet the newer models are much more quieter.

On Amazon right now, I see the prices from $300-$1000, depending on how fancy you want it.  But first, I would check out FB marketplace or Craig’s list, for a used one.  These things are sturdy, so find a local really inexpensive one.  I’m all for saving $, and not spending too much extra, to get moving.  I do like the fact that the seat is super cushy, versus a regular “bike” which will leave your bum sore.

Schwinn Airdyne


Recently, I’ve also been learning about the importance of strengthening our bodies, and growing and keeping muscle, and not just leaning out.  I know that at one point we all wanted to be skinny, but that is so so out, just like fat-free anything.  It’s done and over with, and it’s not healthy.  Be lean, but be muscular.  Or better yet, getting muscular, will help us all get lean.  Having healthy and more muscle, helps us avoid so many diseases, helps us have hormonal balance, and helps digest those treats that we have once in a while.  This is so important for women, and men too.  Weight training helps increase testosterone, a hormone so many men are deficient in, as we grow and age.  And for women, the benefits are even greater.  We must get and be strong.


I’m right in the middle of WEEK 8 of my every morning cardio routine this year.  It was day 53 today, since I started on December 31, 2017.  And as each morning passes, I’m constantly thinking about how I can keep this going forever.  It’s so much more NOW about LONG TERM GAINS.  Whenever we commit to working out, or whenever I committed to a new exercise routine in the past, I was constantly focused on tomorrow, or how I would look next week or the next month.  Now, I’m thinking:  If I can keep this up, and continue to feed my body right, and move it smarter, I can stop that aging and disease, and I can look exactly like this, and feel so good at 45, and then at 55, and then at 65, and at 75, just like I feel right now, at 35.

Is the Schwinn the answer to putting a pause on aging, and building longevity? Yes, it’s apart.  It’s a tiny part, a tiny 20 minutes that adds up well over time. The best part about committing to 20 minutes each day, is that those 20 minutes influence OTHER decisions throughout the day.  What you eat, how you feel, how you react, what you research, read, how you work.  It’s a domino effect, and once we push that first one over, the result is strong.  The opposite works as well. If you wake up and go into the office and have donuts, it’s so much easier to use that high blood sugar to make other poor decisions throughout the day.  Instead, we can choose to make one good decision to positivity effect our whole day!   I wrote this, to help us all get started with a morning routine.

Cheers, Friends, Exercisers, Strong Humans.









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