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Yesterday, I wrote about some strategies to save more and spend less, and one of them included dong as many tings and activities for FREE as possible.  I love this game, and I especially love it as often as possible.  And with the weekend almost upon us, what can you do this weekend, that is totally FREE and FUN and will put you into savings mode?

First, list all of the things that you normally do each day over the weekend or week, that cost you money.  Do you buy out coffee?  Or lunch?  Or do you go on a date?  Do you buy several bottles of wine, or do you stock your fridge?  Do you like to go to the movies, do you like some brunch time?  Do you like museums, or shows, or do you just like to go for long rides, or maybe shopping trips to the mall?  What do you “usually” do? Do you have tournaments for your kids, or do you spend all weekend running errands and buying this & that?

How can you make this upcoming weekend FREE?

How can you make this upcoming week, FREE and FUN?

Are you able to quickly cut out some things that aren’t needed?  Perhaps you can spend a few minutes and make a delicious HOT coffee or tea or an ICED coffee or tea for yourself, instead of buying out?  Can you drink through the alcohol you already have in your house, instead of stocking up and buying more – if you are craving some fun drinks and enjoy relaxing with one?

If you enjoy going out to dinner, can you use what you already have in your house, and make an awesome meal?  I know learning isn’t always fun, but google your favorite recipe, and use YOU-TUBE to recreate an awesome meal.  Maybe it’s chicken parm or eggplant parm, or another country’s favorite dish?  Maybe YOU LOVE lasagna, or are just in the mood for some burgers and fries, and you can do it all.  Maybe you never ever take the time to put together a delicious salad, but how much fun would it be to sit down to one?

Can you get outside – and still spend it out without spending anything?  Can you go to the beach this weekend, can you go to a local park, can you go to a park and just walk around.  Can you be out in nature, as long as possible?  Can you visit with family and friends, and maybe have a potluck dinner or lunch?  Can you invite friends over your house for brunch, or coffee?  Can you physically take a walk to a spot of your choice?  Can you pack up a picnic and tell your family you are going on an adventure, and eat outside?

Can you make it a special movie afternoon, or movie night and pop some popcorn, and make it a really fun experience?  Can you take your dog to a doggy park, or just go out for so many walks with him/her.  Can you put your child in the stroller, bundle them up, if it’s cold, and just walk until you feel your muscles burning with delight?  Can you go to sleep early?  I know that many people love staying up, but going to sleep early is so necessary, and refreshing and so much fun!

Waking up refreshed and ready for the day is everything.

Can you make your bedroom or guest room into a massage room, and give your spouse or partner or best friend a massage, and vice versa?  Can you make each other feel good by really taking the time to have fun?

Can you pick two or three or four comedies and watch them one night?  I’ve been to probably a dozen or so comedy shows in my life, and they are always so fun, and so funny.  If you have older children, can you pick some PG13 ones, and enjoy with them?  Laughing is everything and it’s FREE FUN.

I love buying healthy food, and the last place I want to spend money is buying junk food.  BUT, having some fun grub once in a while for the kids to eat is cool.  So once a weekend, I like to bake, and I’m usually making new chocolate chip cookies or some sort of cake.  When you are the chef or baker you get to control the amount of sugar and sweets, and even how your ingredients were sourced.  It’s a way to make a treat but to make it the healthiest way you can.  Many of my “healthy” treats I’ve tried to make have been major fails.  From “zbars” that taste like dog treats, to cookies no one wanted to eat, but I’ll keep trying until we have a good combo of healthy, homemade and sweet. Again, free activity.

First, decide what YOU WANT TO DO this weekend, and then figure out how to make it completely FUN and then FREE?

If you have tournaments, or already events you have paid for, can you further save, by bringing your own lunches and snacks, or by deciding not to buy any more souvenirs and toys?  Are you able to go somewhere, enjoy it, and come home, without further investing your financials?

If you already have a nice event this weekend, are you able to spend some time ironing the clothes you already have, or googling some cool outfits you can put together with what is already in your closet, and just going with that?

Can you organize your closet, clean your bathrooms, wipe clean all of your baseboards, and de-clutter your home? Can you make your cabinets and pantry super perfect?  Can you clean your fridge?  Can you wash your pet?  Scrub your floors?  Windex your windows and give your home a nice almost spring overhaul?

Can you journal, and read and write, and learn, and just relax.  Can you do nothing at all?  Can you just take a bath, and a shower, and do everything really slowly, to bring you back into much needed peace and calm?  Can you sit back and breath, and think good thoughts, and write out all that you are grateful for and completely relax?  Can you plan an adventure that is free, for the next couple of weeks?

Can you meal prep, and make some good grub for the next week?  Can you share something with a neighbor or friend, can you make your favorite recipe and invite someone over for a taste?  Are you able to connect with others this weekend, without pressure and anxiety and stress, and just enjoy being together?

Spending weekends in nature, and making weekends completely free is not always doable.  But commit to making at least one weekend a month, money free.  Maybe two, maybe three, maybe every weekend can be focused more on relaxation, and freedom, and calm, and turning back the clock on always rushing and spending so much.  I know it’s not always possible, and it’s super exciting and invigorating to do NEW things and NEW activities and NEW adventures – but, what about everything we are missing because we are spending so much on paying for entertainment.

Cheers to you, and this green weekend, and this time, that is yours, and all that you can do to make it so!


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