Homemade Dog Food & Can we treat ourselves as good as we treat our pets?

Feeding my dog is my life.  It’s not, but I love it so much.  We were out of his homemade doggy food so on Sunday we got in the car to go to Aldi for all of the ingredients (some ingredients I already had.)







I kept this batch extremely simple.  It lasts exactly two weeks.  He eats 1 cup of homemade dog food + 1 cup of store purchased dog food for breakfast, and the same for dinner.  So in total, I make 28 cups of homemade dog food in the biggest pot I own.

I first chopped up an onion, and added the beef to the pot.  I also add a bit of water, and let that simmer and cook.  Then I took out my kitchen scissors, and cut up pieces of salmon, and threw chunks of the salmon into the beef.

Usually, I would take the dozen eggs and add them into the mix, but this time around, I put all of the 12 eggs into my NutriBullet and blended them up with the egg shells.  I mentioned before that the eggshells contain a ton of calcium which are great for dogs.  Blending them up, I’m sure also tastes better than eating bigger pieces of egg shells.  And I can’t say it was pretty cool to watch the bullet pulverize all of the eggs!

Lastly, I threw in the last of our quinoa and a cup of rice into my rice cooker, and let that cook up.  I originally purchased this beautiful red organic quinoa for my husband, but he wasn’t a huge fan.  And not because the quinoa wasn’t good, but because I just gave it to him as it was (after cooking), and didn’t make anything fancy with it.  And since I already had it, and it was organic and perfect, I figured it’s pretty darn good for the dog as well.

Once all was pretty much done cooking (you don’t have to overcook at all for the dog because they have some wicked and amazing stomachs), I blended up the whole thing, and mixed it together, and then put it into our Tupperware containers.  I froze one, and  I put the other in the fridge, and now it was ready to go for both breakfast & supper time.

It looks grosssy, but it doesn’t smell bad, and isn’t bad (not that I would taste it).  I think the dry dog food is more nauseating, than this deliciousness.

Homemade Dog Food

My cat eats normal dry food, but lately, every single morning, she’s waiting for that homemade dog food to come out too.  When Artex is eating, she’s on top of the island, getting her share of his food.  When it’s good, it’s good!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Because I’m so interested in my own health, and I love learning how I can better support the health of our family and our gut health, and microbiome and everything in between, it’s been extra fun watching our dog grow and flourish, and watching him nourish.

He’s been an extremely easy dog, without any issues. (Knock on wood!)  We did get him at the shelter, and we were told he was young, because his teeth were very strong and healthy, and we are grateful each day for being able to own and love such a stellar pup.  He sleeps throughout the entire night, doesn’t have any accidents in the house, and does another 30-60 minute walk outside each day.  He hangs out in the backyard (or in the front yard), getting plenty of sunshine throughout the day, and goes to the dog park either each Saturday or Sunday with my daughter.

There, he runs and sprints and gets wild with the other bigger dogs, and I’m sure further builds his health and immunity.  After the dog park he gets a nice bath, and is set and ready to go for anther healthy week.  If we treat our dogs well, and give them all they need, we can maybe treat ourselves better, and give ourselves walks, and breaks, and good food, and time to rest, and engage in activities that relieve stress.

If we took some time and thought about how we treated ourselves throughout our days, would we ever treat our animals this way?  Would you sign your animal up for a long daily commute?  Or would you feed them fast food?  Would you make keep them indoors all the time?  Would you be okay if they slept poorly or had a ton of interrupted sleep?  Would you feed them alcohol or drugs – often?  Would you be okay if they were prescribed drugs with lots of side effects?  Would you want to put a ton of chronic stress on them?

It’s silly comparison, but what if we took a bit of time, and lived more simply like our pets?  What if we gave ourselves more sunshine + water + exercise + real food + sleep = good life.  How would we feel?  How would we function?  What can we do better today, to give ourselves more of a natural life?  What can we do today, to get ourselves outside?  What can we do today, to eliminate or avoid more of the unnatural, or the toxic, and put us in line with the natural?

We do tend to complicate things, and a little is good (advancement), but too much, is stress (disease, illness, sadness).  But we can take more of the control of how we treat ourselves?  We’re in charge of our dogs and pets, and we can really create an amazing life for them, and we can do the same for ourselves.  Not all at once, and not all together, and certainly I am not advocating picking up and moving to the forest, BUT, can we live a bit more green, can we treat ourselves a bit better, can we eliminate a bit more of what we don’t need, to live a lot more healthier.

Cheers to you, and do all you can to be health, happy, free, and put some effort to live in peace and calm.



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