Simplify to meet all of your goals.

We tend to complicate a lot.  We tend to complicate so much.  And when it comes to setting goals, we have to keep it simple:  We want X.  We must figure out the bare minimum process, and simplify and get it done.

We want to get healthy.

We want to get fit.

We want to save money.

We want to make more money.

We want to be happy.

We want to live in peace.

Simplicity is the secret.

And then starts the complication process.  We need this and that, we start building up this wall of requirements before we realize that to get EVERYTHING we want, we must instead, simplify it all.  Everything.

I too have grown up in this era, and I have for a long time complicated the process towards my goals.  Until recently, when I realized that it’s so much easier to just simplify, and keep it extremely simple, and to keep moving on.

Goal:  Sleep Better

Complications:  We need perhaps some supplements, and maybe better sheets?  And a different job, and less stress, and if only we had a sleeping mate that wasn’t so loud.

Keep it simple:  Get to bed an hour early.  Turn off or put away your electronic device.  Shower, or take a bath, so you are so fresh and so clean between your sheets, and close your eyes and go to bed.

Now, I’m not saying THIS IS ALL.  But I’m saying, let’s find that middle ground between what is currently preventing us all from reaching our goals (overthinking, over complication), to making it so extremely simple and easy.  Simplify until you get to your goal.


For a long time I complicated my diet.  And I still am trying to always perfect it and make it both extremely nutritionally sound, but also a diet that works for me, and everything I know about my body (which somehow always continues to change).  This can get extremely complicated, and if you aren’t keeping yourself positive, it can also get very frustrating.

But how can we simplify and keep our diet and food choices and goals simple?  Drink a lot of water.  Drink more water, so that you are hydrated.  Eat as many green vegetables as possible. If you can eat green veggies for or with breakfast, then lunch, then dinner – you’re 10000% further than most of your friends and family, and then – more water.

Yesterday, for lunch I had a salad of broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, romaine lettuce and tomato, with a few homemade keto meatballs, and some balsamic dressing.  I didn’t measure anything, or weigh anything, or calculate much.  I just made sure that MOST of my plate, and MOST of what I had was raw vegetable.  I know that water and live green food fuels our bodies and our cells, and therefore it’s all about keeping it extremely simple.

Simple Salad

If you want to save more money, just stop spending it.  We can get apps, and books, and we can listen to a ton of videos and read some really great stuff, but at the end of the day, we have to keep most of our hard earned income, or else, we aren’t saving it.  Stay home, relax, clean, eat through your cabinets, and then just truly enjoy what you already own.  It’s so freeing, to keep saving money and building financial wealth simple, that it is almost funny.  Cancel anything and everything that doesn’t suit you, and live in peace.

Stay happy.  Happiness, and contentment and living in a state of peacefulness and calmness, and gratefulness is by far the best when we simplify and keep it easy.  Write out a ton of reasons you are grateful to be alive, and everything you have done so right in your life, and read them daily.  That’s it.  There’s absolutely no secret to happiness, except to realize and acknowledge, and accept the fact that you already are.  We have everything we need to take a deep breath each day and say thank you for all we have, and go on with our lives.

Quite down.  When things don’t always go the way we wish, it’s easy to think that we must talk our way out of an issue, or explain our side, or argue about this or that.  And in fact, we must always do the opposite.  Say nothing at all.  Especially when this is something that is ego driven, and not necessarily MISSION driven.  If this is something that may or may not pass in an hour or a few days, say nothing at all.  Keep the lid on all arguments and fights and disagreements from your side, and keep moving on.  It’s not always our turn to be right, it’s not always the right thing to explain, and defend.  Often, it’s best to say nothing at all.

We are all different.  The amount of differences and dislike for others would plummet, if we just realized we’re all different.  We’re driven in different ways, our genetics make us different beings and personalities and humans.  We can’t help some things we do or think or we can’t often change the way we were raised.  But it’s important to remember this when dealing with others, or especially, when we need to perhaps give our own selves grace.  You and I weren’t build and raised and loved the same, we were disciplined differently, educated differently, and therefore may forever make different choices and decisions.  Understanding this fundamental fact when thinking of others, or allowing yourself some peace – is important.

Keep moving on.  Have you ever met those people that constantly live in the past or even worst: in a painful past.  It’s so tough to move on and get to any goals, because their lives are presently in a part of their life where events have happened or ended.  It’s tough, but the only thing any and all of us can do, to reach our goals, is to keep moving on.  It doesn’t matter what we had, what happened, who did what, it’s our job to keep moving on.  I’m not saying that this is always pretty, and easy, but it must be done.  We must get your feet out of the quicksand and the molasses of mud, and keep moving on .

Nothing is personal.  Your goals are your own, and other people’s goals are their own.  We again, won’t have the same goals and aspirations and determination.  To keep getting to your goals as simple as possible, we must accept the fact that nothing is personal.  People can’t hurt, or sabotage, or negatively impose on your goals and life movements.  Bless everyone with your best intentions, and always send good vibes, and focus on simplifying all of your steps, to get to the next level.  Not everyone will love you, your dreams, or your life, but this is okay, because it’s not personal.

Instead of always trying to figure out complicated and complex solutions, take a step back, and simplify instead.  Keep it simple, and relaxed, and calm, and easy, and see if getting to your destination makes this process better than a previously hard difficult one from before.

Cheers lovers, and cheers goal setters & getters!





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