About Stay Uber Motivated

Stay Uber Motivated was born when I kept googling “How To Stay Motivated” each day & every day of my life.  Are there sites for women, who have big goals, who are dreaming big, and need a daily dose of motivation to keep their motivation going?

And I could not find any.

So Stay Uber Motivated was born!

My goal is to continue to motivate myself and all others in the goals of Health, Wealth & Stealth.  These three are so inner-connected that it hurts with excitement.  If you get on board with one, the other two must follow, regardless of which one starts to burn your engine with hot fire first.

I’m so inspired by the many people blogging, writing, and sharing their adventures in reaching & maintaining their goals – and Stay Uber Motivated will do the same for you, while keeping us all on the up & up!

I am a 35 year old mama to two little humans and one bonus teen – who make me a better human being.  I’m in love and married to my best friend and living the dream life in Florida via New Jersey via Poland.  I’m surrounded by the greatest of girlfriends in real life, next door and virtually, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Except of course, the constant pursuit and perfection of optimal HEALTH, WEALTH and STEALTH – because only then we are free.