Covering Up, protect yourself from the sun.

I was never a huge fan of excessive & long exposure to the sun.  I was never someone that craved tanning.  I never laid out at the beach lathering myself with oil, versus sunblock.  Instead, I always tried to cover up.

And now, the older and smarter I grow, I want even less sun, even less skin damage.

I wear my alma mater’s hat every time I eave my house.  And because I have a 1 & 4 year old, I have to be outside.  They love the outdoors, as they should, and at this time, I need to be out there with them – whether its in the pool, at the park, going for a walk, or going for a bike ride.  And so, hat on.  Glasses on.  My favorite face sunscreen is Olay’s SPF 15.  I put this on my FACE, on my upper lip, and also on my neck & exposed chest area.

And so with the sunglasses, the hat, the sun screen, I still truly couldn’t get covered up enough.  Regardless of the t-shirt or shirt I wore, my chest/neck area were always exposed.  And so I went into my closet and realized that my gf gave me an Old Navy denim-like shirt she did not want anymore.

And poof – this is the cutest thing since miniature poodles and gluten free cupcakes.  I have this exact shirt and it looks so good with a bathing-suit or bikini, it looks so cute with my Nike leggings, or shorts, or anything really that you want to wear while biking, running, or walking, or just CHASING after the kids.  I can button it all the way up to my neck, without actually having to wear a turtleneck, and my skin stays sun-free & wrinkle free.


I’m not afraid of getting older, I’m psyched about it – but I want to protect my skin, take care of it – and enjoy the journey.  Looking good – is an absolute bonus.

I already don’t smoke, I already drink lots of water, I already don’t tan, and I already wear hats & sunglasses.  Now it was time for more full body protection.  And I’m excited to discover more and more ways to slow down aging.  Aging is chronic.  It’s going to get us all.  But until it does, prevent as much as you can, and we might as well love & enjoy the rewards of NOT tanning, NOT smoking, NOT sunning ourselves to an early departure.

Cheers, and stay uber motivated in your BEAUTIFUL goals.