Time to declutter!

I’m feeling it!  It’s time!  I’m getting antsy!  I can’t wait to declutter!  I feel like the WHOLE HOUSE needs a decluttering.  I need to have a decluttering PARTY, and I want to be the only one there!!!

Randomly at different times these past few weeks, I have swapped my children’s clothes from summer to fall/winter, and I have done a few other things to transition into the colder months.  But so much needs to get done.  I have also received bags of clothes for myself from my neighbors and girlfriends, and so have the kids.  I really need to go through all closets and DONATE, and remove everything we don’t need, and everything we don’t love.  There is so much we don’t need, and even thought our house isn’t packed to the max, there is still so much we can do to empty out the closets and drawers, and donate and share with others.

We had a birthday party to celebrate the 2nd & 5th birthday of our kids this past weekend, and I went into one of the closest in the basements (to store all of the gift bags we received) and there were so many toys in those closets!  I couldn’t believe it.  My son is 5, and I’m just not sure if he’s going to want to play with all of them again, if we should keep them, or if we should start getting rid of them.  Obviously, I’m a fan of donating them.  I especially don’t want them taking space in our closets.  That feels like a waste!

I also want to go through our kitchen and get rid of dishes, appliances, and everything in between that we no longer need/want.  I have so many things on the higher unreachable shelves, that I just should throw in a big carton, and say GOOD BYE, it wasn’t a good buy, or a gift.  Instead, it can go to someone that can use it!!!  An acquaintance grandmother passed away, and I have all of her tablecloths and cloth napkins.  Even though they are beautiful, and I use them for all birthday parties, and then holidays (this would make about a half dozen uses per year), I have so many, I took too many!!! There’s no way I need actually a DOZEN tablecloths, and then three times that of cloth napkins.  It pains me to get rid of this – but it needs to go.


Lastly, I have a lot of comforters, which we don’t use, and instead store in our basement.  When my mom sold her house, I took some of them into our home, and now, we have too many!  Part of me feels like it’s a good idea to keep them, and another part of me feels that’s a really silly idea!  We have plenty, and we can never use more than one!!! 🙂

This morning I quickly went through all of the children’s shoes that are in our “shoe closet” in our hallway.  I was able to add to the donate pile all of the summer sandals/crocks that my daughter wore this past summer.  Her foot fit perfectly in those shoes, and once next spring and summer hits, all of the shoes will be too small.  The flip flops that will be too small for my son, I am storing and saving for my daughter!

The biggest hurdle at this time, even though my motivation is here and ready for decluttering, is that when will i find the time to do this!!! My little people are spending less time sleeping during the day, and I work Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are spent with the family.  There is really little downtime or alone time, or decluttering time.

But if there is a will, there is a way!  So I need to get started, and start decluttering, donating and sharing!