20 min elliptical and fresh green juice

My little baby gal is not doing a great job sleeping lately. She was up till 1030pm last night, and then up at 3am.  I’m not a night owl, but I am an early riser, but not that early.  I literally felt the stress coming onto me last night when she wouldn’t go to sleep.  I felt the pounds of fat piling on.

But I refused to give into it, like I usually do, and this morning, even though she woke up mighty early, I still had a super morning.  Once all left for school or work, I ended up getting on the elliptical for 20 minutes, and then making some ridiculously delicious green juice:





It wasn’t fancy or busy, it was just straight love.  I filled a former bottle of GT’s Kombucha for my husband to drink too!  It’s so nice to kick off my morning with fresh raw juice.  I love it so much.

The other day, my sister sent me a quick note she found online about writing out everything you love to do – and then comparing what you actually do each day.  Needless to say, for may people their lists don’t match.

But with an attempt to be able to be happy and share happiness, and feel love and give love, I want to make sure that I’m doing everything on my list.


Here is what I wrote out that I do love to do:

get massages, manicure, pedicures, run, bike outside, bike on the aerodyne, swim laps in our pool in the summertime, read novels, write, watch Dateline, cook healthy grub, shower/take baths, juice, blog, connect with good humans (especially women), eat healthy, do yoga, drink seltzer, drink hot tea and lemon, delcutter – less is more, make and eat salads, walk everywhere, weight train, walk/hike be in nature

Since I wrote out this list, I have been doing MORE of the activities I love to do.  I have been walking a lot, trying to get to my 10K steps per day.  I have been juicing.  I have been running and workout out.  I have been cooking.  I made a delicious coconut milk chicken with lots of veggies on Sunday.  It was so delicious, and makes me so happy to prep food for my family.

So cheers to staying active, making & drinking juice, filling our lives doing the things we love.


Sore from exercise, and VACAY exercise plans!

What’s better than feeling fit?  Honestly, I can’t think of any better long lasting feeling than how good it feels to feel fit!!!

Almost daily this week, I have been taking 3 mile noon walks with my neighbor!  One day this week I got on my Schwinn Airdyne bike, and rode for 20 minutes (arms and legs on alert).  Then, one early morning, I ended up taking my lil gal for a walk/run for a total of 3 miles.  We have also been walking to my mom’s house in the evenings (she happened to move into a spot just 1 mile from us), which makes a nice 2 mile round-trip of stroller pushing, and such.

As we depart for the beach tomorrow – I really want to get in a great workout either first thing in the morning, or right before shower time at night – each day.  I’m super psyched to get back into daily running, and just make fitness a part of my daily life, on the daily, erryday.  Even though there are a million excuses I could come up with each day on why I can’t get some workout time in – I really need to nix them asap, and just get my business handled.  My daughter does not mind being in the stroller, so if she needs to come along for the run, I need to suck it up and push her cute little bun wearing head along.  I also need to take advantage of my recently early wake up times.  I have been getting up early, which means, it’s an opportunity for fitness, first thing in the AM.  And this is my most favorite time (ever) to work out.

Other than that, I plan on drinking lots of water, eating lots of salads, making lean protein and meats and seafood – and staying honest with the Whole30 diet and lifestyle.  I want to continue to feel good each and every day of VACAY, and come back feeling even better than I left!  Is that even possible? Cheers to success!

Another amazing day of eating Whole30!

warm water w/slice of lemon *I cut up a lemon or two, and put in the freezer, each morning I make warm water, and add a slice of frozen lemon, then squeeze it out for the juice.*
coffee, black
tuna fish w/ hot sauce

banana x 2
3 hard boiled eggs w/hot sauce
1 big spoon of organic peanut butter (just nuts & salt)

glass of white wine w/ice

Last night for din din, I made the kids grilled cheese potato buns (in a waffle maker) which come out so lovely & delicious, and then meatballs in organic marinara (from Aldi).  They ate it up.  I also started de-thawing shrimp (which I was making for myself), but then we ended up taking a walk to visit my mom.  When we got to her place, she had so many grapes out, and cheese, and crackers and salami.  The kids and I had so many lovely, delicious, hard and juicy grapes and we loved them all.  I also had a small glass of white wine in lots of ice, to celebrate her new home (which is walking distance of our home, yay!)

The actual miles walked was about 2, and I pushed the stroller half the time.  It was awesome exercise and a great way to end a summer day.  The weather is absolute perfection lately!  By the time we got home, it was too late to eat shrimp, so I was happy and satisfied with just a glass of cold seltzer water, and the previous grapes and apple I had.

I started off the day yesterday with my 10 minute bike ride on my stationary bike, and ended it with a 2 mile walk.  Fitting in this exercise while being a busy working mama & wife is no easy FEAT, but I’m going to look for more and more opportunities to fit in exercise anywhere and anytime I see it.  When we look for opportunities to work out – we will find them.  When we look for excuses to NOT work out – we will find them.  It’s not going to be perfection each and every day, but I sense more positive days, then negative ahead.

I slept amazingly well, again!

Cheers to staying UBER motivated in all of our health & fitness goals.  1 day at a time.


100% Whole30 Compliant! Down to 159lbs (again)!

Yesterday’s Grub:

warm water w/lemon slice
coffee, black
tuna fish w/hot sauce
cherry tomatoes

tuna fish w/hot sauce
3 hard boiled eggs w/hot sauce

dinner & snacks:
peach x 2
banana x 2

I also drank a lot of tea, and a lot of water.  I’m certainly staying hydrated.  It’s so easy to forget to stay hydrated, because when we get thirsty we feel we are hungry, when in fact, we are many times just dehydrated.  When we’re full of water/tea, and still hunger, then it’s the best time to eat.  I have to remember this each & every day.

I slept sooo well again!  (Mostly because my daughter slept from 8pm-7am), but still, so well!  I can’t help but feel absolutely grateful to be back and 100% compliant with the Whole30 meal plan.  It’s easy to VEER off, but it’s more important to stay on track.  When I’m compliant, I’m 100% ready to rock and roll, and the cravings DISAPPEAR!!!

This morning I woke up and I got on my Schwinn Airdyne bike for a 10 minute ride.  I then baked chicken for my husband and kids.  I baked the chicken in BBQ sauce, and instead of having some, I will pass.  I know this BBQ sauce is made with a bit of sugar, and therefore will give me cravings.  I’ll stick to hard boiled eggs with hot sauce and cherry tomatoes for lunch instead.

The scale this morning was back down to 159, and this was also after my workout, and after I drank my morning water w/lemon!  Maybe tomorrow we’ll see 158lbs!!!  I’m psyched and determined to get to 139lbs, one pound at a time.  I’m also pretty excited to prioritize exercise, or actually take opportunities that I find for free time, and use them for exercise.  This morning is a perfect example of this.  We woke up at 515am, and instead of just hanging, I jumped right on the bike!  Boom boom.  Get it, when the getting is hot.

Stay Uber Motivated, in all you do and all you want.


Missing Exercise

I’m really yearning to get into a regular, consistent, every-day exercise plan.

I would like to incorporate running, weight training & yoga into my daily life.  Once I “retire” I’ll be able to commit to exercise, but when I’m still working, I need to be able to commit and execute a FITNESS and HEALTH plan as well.  I predict I may be even more busy once I am out of the 8-5pm, so if I can figure it out now, the sooner the better.

Pre-Children, I was at the gym most mornings, every morning.  I loved working out, I loved running, I even ran 365+ days in 2010.  Last summer I trained for & completed  a triathlon!  It was AMAZING, and AWESOME and I felt super cool.  I was also 20lbs lighter.  Right now I just feel cool cuz the temp in the office is set on LOW.  But physically, I don’t feel stellar.

The children aren’t always the excuse, but because my baby gal is sleeping so inconsistently lately, it’s hard for me to get enough rest, and set a schedule.  Hard to wake up at 3am, be up for an hour, and then wake up again at 5am to get out the door.  But you know what this is: another excuse.  And I never thought I would be spewing them out, but I am.

And so, I’ve been thinking about this all day.  Maybe I could go to sleep as soon as my lil gal goes to sleep, between 8-9, so even if I am up at 5am, I just stay up and work out – and I would be well rested.  Going to sleep this early means I don’t have that “doing nothing but sitting with my hubby, drinking tea, or water” time.  It’s a pretty uneventful time, but it’s our alone time where we catch up, discuss the day and enjoy our conversation.  Is that worth giving up for fitness?

Or I could use this time (once the children go to sleep) to work out.  But I can’t see that continuing once the weather changes to fall & winter, and it gets dark by 5pm.

Ideally, I should start a running streak, and commit to running for 20 min per day, and see how that goes. Can I run each and every single day of August?  What would happen if I ran each day in August?  I know my body would adjust and wake me up each morning at 5am.  It would be easier and easier to get out the door.  And if my lil gal was up, I could take her for a run with me.  She loves the stroller, and she certainty likes it more the faster we go. Weee.

Let’s see.  Maybe I should start tomorrow morning, so by August 1st, I’m ALREADY in a routine.

100% Whole30 compliant tomorrow.
100% of 20 minute per day running starting tomorrow.

Let’s see how the plan goes. If there is a WILL there is a WAY.


180 Min+ of walking, last two days

On Wednesday, I decided to spend the morning break @ work – walking around our building; my lunch hour – walking around the building; the afternoon break – also getting physical activity – walking around the building.  My goal is that all of this activity – adds up to 60 minutes per day!

I did awesome on Wednesday – and got it all done! 15 minutes in the AM, up to 42 at noon, and the rest in the afternoon.


I go into the Clock then Stopwatch app on the iPhone, and reset for the day, and then start when I start, and stop, when I stop!  And just re-start when I’m ready for the next walk – same day.

I spend 9 hours at work, and recently, I have read, sitting is as bad as standing.  And so this mama – had to get going!

I was legit sore on Thursday, but I had to keep going.  The weather called for thunderstorms, but that was not going to stop me!  I had my hat ready, and sneakers on.  Turned out to be a gorgeous (and very humid) day!

I ended up doing 18 minutes in the AM, then up to 54 by noon.  The PM break, I acutally climbed the stairs in my office buildng, to make the 60 minute goal!  And so it was rough and tough, but it got done.


I was also super efficient at work that day. It’s uber true when they say that the busier we are, the more we get done!  Truth for me!  Especially when I’m concentrating on all of my most important goals, dreams & desires.

Last evening, we also ended up walking 1 mile each way to the local carnival.  Getting both of my children into the car, driving the 1 mile distance, trying to find a parking spot – unfolding the stroller – is just as much effort, if not more, than just walking our cute tushies over to the carnival.  Plus, how awesome for our bods, and how awesome to get my kids used to WALKING, instead of driving, especially short distances.  My husband ended up taking the stroller, and my daughter (who is 20 months) back home an hour or so before my four year old was ready.  So on our way back, he walked most of the way, but I did carry him some of the distance.  He’s almost 40lbs, and I’m proud of myself for being able to carry him, even if just or a bit!  He was an amazing sport, and we had a great time – mommy & son bonding – while walking our beautiful neighborhood!  I love my children, I love a healthy body, and I love making this type of organic living a priority – even in our busy world.

The walk to & fro the carnival took about 30 min, at a max of 3.5 mile pace, so the last two days:  180 minute of walking!  Pretty rad.