Intermittent Fasting, healthy diet strategy

There is a lot of excellent information and medical studies that support the benefits of fasting, and intermittent fasting.  Some people who practice CRON (Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition) do so by eating just once or twice per day – or not eating the traditional three big meals, or 5-6 smaller meals like some.

A few months ago, a study someone shared caught my eye, it said when women intermittent fasted for 13 or more hours per day – their risks of breast cancer went down. Now…as much as I enjoy reading studies, I find that especially when it comes down to tracking behavior, it’s hard to tell what truly is the most responsible variable.

I find that my own goal with intermittent fasting (when successfully accomplished) helps me stay on track with my own diet goals.  When we shorten or cut down our window for eating – we may consequently eat less.  This is what I find enjoyable.

I like to fast from 6pm-9am.  This isn’t always possible, nor will it always be possible in my future, but for now, I’m trying.  I also like getting in the office, and not immediately rushing over to my food.  Instead, tea, water, coffee, do the trick.  Then, when hunger really beckons me, I slowly prepare & have breakfast.

The weekends are possible with this too.  Instead of waking up and setting myself up for a day of eating/gorging – instead, I calm down, and make tea, or my favorite:  warm water & lemon.

Just tea for me.


Dinner is the same story.  With little kids, and with lots of friends & neighbors stopping over – it’s possible to eat all night.  We get home by 515pm, and first I like to make my kids a snack, and then din din, and depending if we play outside, or stay in – dinner can range from 530-8pm.  That’s a HUGE amount of time for eating, especially if you don’t cut yourself off, and give yourself a schedule or a TIME OUT.  We also go to sleep fairly early as a family.  My children are in bed, falling asleep by 8pm.  We head to bed shortly after this.  I read a bit, and then we’re both snoozing between 9-930pm, sometimes even earlier!  There is no need for food, or lots of food in my stomach, digesting, this late at night.

And so – 6pm, is what I’m aiming for at night.  The goal is to not eat between 6pm and 9am.  That’s 15 hours of fasting.   I will see how successful I am with this, and then perhaps move the first hour to 10am.  The later I start eating, the more full I will be during “eating hours”.  This is just one of many strategies people use who want to eat less, but just the most healthiest foods.