Buy Exactly What You Need, nothing more.

Yesterday, Old Navy was having their annual flip flop sale.  I walked into the store at around 11am, and most everything was purchased.  There were women picking up to 10 pairs/20 pairs of flip flops.  I need one pair.  A black pair.  The one I purchased a few years ago, is wearing down, and with a beach vacation coming up, I wanted a new pair for end of the summer and warmer fall days.

Please note I said:  I wanted, not needed.  I did not need these flips, but I wanted them instead.  They weren’t an urgent need (as my feet had another pair on), but they were a great price for the quality – so I went ahead. Flips at the local thrift store are more, so I decided to go ahead and buy myself a pair.

Instead of a woman’s pair (because they were all sold out) I ended up getting a hunter green, and a gray pair in men’s size 6.  I will wear them until they wear out, or until my son’s foot grows into them.  They will go to great use.

I stood inline, a long – slow moving line, with my two flip flops, while holding my 20 month old daughter who wanted nothing more than to run wild in the store.  I held and entertained her to my best ability.  And yet it was amazing to see how many people were truly buying out the store.  A lot of sale signs were up, but that does not necessary mean you are getting a great deal, not does it mean you NEED to buy it.  We all have so much, and we have to learn to live & love what we already purchased, what we already own.

Buying ONLY what we want – is a process, and takes time, patience, commitment and practice. And most important – deciding BEFORE you enter the store, that you will ONLY buy what you need, not all you may want.  I need to practice following my own advice, especially before going grocery shopping.

It was awesome to charge just $2 to my Amazon Chase Card, versus $20, or $40 or $100 or $200.  Let’s keep practicing buying only want we need (or lessss), and becoming MILLIONAIRES and FINANCIALLY FREE in the process!

Stay The Course

The best piece of advice I have read lately said:  Stay The Course.

Whatever your plan involves, in becoming a millionaire, or getting to a healthy/dream weight, or whatever your goal – stay the course.

I’m super psyched about this, because there are certain habits I know are IT for me.  They work, they are part of my life, and I have to continue to STAY THE COURSE.

Instead of using cash for purchases during the month, we use the Amazon Chase Visa Credit Card.  I get a statement credit at the end of the month, based on the total amount charged, pay off the credit card in full, and enjoy anywhere from $30-$90 reduction in my bill for the next month.

I use an Excel spreadsheet to track all of my incoming bills and income, so that I don’t miss paying any bills, and I forecast for two months out.  I also keep a daily tally of our Chase credit card purchases, so I never withdrawal more than I actually need to pay my bills on time.

It would be awesome to have an emergency fund, but I am thinking of paying my mortgages ahead for 6 months, in the next few months – and that would be an INCREDIBLE emergency fund, as the mortgages would be paid up (and principle reduced), peace of mind would be had (in case anything did happen), and I could official say:  We have an emergency fund.

Staying the course in management of money for your specific goal is so incredible important.  I’m focus on this & going hard to reach 1M in Vanguard, and “Millionaire” status is attained!