Fresh Potato Fries, and living off the grid?

Yesterday afternoon, my husband spent some time playing music at our local farmer’s market.  For this, the organizer gave us fresh potatoes, eggplant and a ton of tomatoes.  It wasn’t a monetary reward, but who doesn’t like whole free food?

The potatoes were still dirty, because they were just picked from the ground.  Honesty, they tasted so delicious.  I cut them up, and put the in the oven for an hour at 400 degrees.  They came out so crispy and delicious and lovely and we did not even need ketchup to eat them up!  I can’t wait to make these again.

Lately, I’m so incredibly drawn to whole food, raw food, real food.  I can’t wait to eat my lunch salad, and I am thinking more and more about my own garden.  We live in an area where we have a very little backyard space, and an extensive garden would not be possible.  I could try to grow some tomatoes and zucchini.  I also live in an area where we have pretty cold winters.  It gets frigid temps from December into April, and sometimes even May.  And my ideal location would include a mild winter, and a mild summer.

I have been watching Port Protection on YouTube.  It’s the best show ever. I mean, most people would find it hardly entertaining, but I find it so interesting.  This group of residents who reside in Port Protection live off the land.  They hunt everything they eat, and they gather wood non-stop.  It’s always wet, raining, and pretty much cold.  Those weather conditions aren’t ideal for me, as I need GREEN food.  I want to eat salads, and salads and more salads!

I think North Carolina might be more my cup of tea!  I keep looking on to see what type of homes are available, and where are they available.  I’m not looking to go completely off grid, as we do have 3 children, who I want to have visit as often as possible.  But I’m thinking – once we retire, once the kids are in college and self sufficient, we head south, and we do as much gardening as possible, and become as self sufficient as possible.  I want my children to be able to live with us – if they want, and have access to lakes, creeks, forests, natural parks, and I want beautiful nature to surround us daily.  I would love to have our grand-kids come down for weeks at a time, and hang with us often!

And then the other part of me wants to rent the smallest apartment in NYC possible, and live there!!!

Am I crazy, or am I just really really trying to figure it out?