20 min run; cantaloupe & salad for lunch

What!  What’s better than waking up and getting a work-out in!  I’m not sure if there is truly anything better than this.  For the 5th straight morning, I have gotten out of bed (as soon as I wake up), changed into my workout clothes, and driven myself to the gym.  We have a stationary bike and an elliptical machine at home – but I NEED TO GET OUT, to get my workout in.

I have tried staying home to work out, but as soon as one child wakes, my workout is over.  As soon as I realize that I need to do or fold laundry, or make food, or prep this, or do that – my workout is over.  And so to combat this – I committed to getting out of the house, and actually putting the $10.68 membership I pay monthly – to good use!

Off to RETRO I drive each morning.  I hang up my keys, and plant my legs on the first treadmill that is open, and for 20 minutes I run!  I sweat, I run, I increase speed, I decrease speed, but I run.  I keep it going, until the 20 minutes is up.


I’m super happy & super proud of myself at the end of the workout – and super energetic on my 8-10 minute drive home!  It’s truly exactly what I needed in my life.  Those 30-40 minutes to myself to kill it – and work my body out.  Most of the time, my family is still asleep when I get in (especially when I get to the gym at 5am), and other times, like this morning – they are up waiting for their mama!!!

I am back with high energy, motivated, and happy!  What a wonderful way tot start a morning.

For snack today – I had really cold cut up cantaloupe!!!

COLD CHOPPED CANTALOUPE.  It was lovely & delicious, and held me until I could eat at 1pm.  I decided to give myself a fair chance at eating well, I decided to eat at 9am, 11am snack, 1pm lunch, 3pm snack, and 6 or 7pm dinner.  This way, I’m not going too long between meals, and not letting hunger get the best of me.  Instead, a lil meal is not too far away.

Last night I attended my son’s back to school night.  I ended up having apples int he afternoon, and by the time i left for his school, I didn’t eat dinner.  When I got home at 8pm, I decided to completely just skip dinner.  I have overeating plenty of meals in the last few months- so therefore – it was good to consciously decide to say NO to a late din din, or any food before bed.  At first I thought:  What if I get really hungry in the middle of the night?  ANSWER:  Drink water.  2nd QUESTION:  What if I am really hungry tomorrow?  ANSWER:  Drink water, and eat fruit.

And so – I survived.  I survived skipping 1 meal, and I’m feeling really good today!  High energy, happy, mentally strong.  I also slept through the whole night, no wake ups due to hunger.  And today – not so hungry.


I did just have a ridiculously delicious ROMAINE LETTUCE, BABY SPINACH, BROCCOLI, GRAPES, HARD BOILED EGG SALAD!  It was so good, and perfect, and exactly the same salad I had yesterday – except for some reason – it tasted even better today.  There’s something about adding GRAPES into a salad that truly makes it for me.  It was just perfection all around.  If you have YET to eat a salad with grapes, give it a go!