Time to put a stop, to the non-stop.

I’m drawn to simple, neat, minimalistic, classic, under-complicated, black or white, and clean.  I like this in home, in health, in stealth, in wealth.  I like my closets clean, empty, simple, just like my home, just like my life.  I like my bank accounts easy, with just deposits.

I’m constantly drawn to a clean diet, a regular steady exercise routine, and routine in general.  Life does complicate things, and us humans complicate things further.  But if I know anything about myself, it’s this:  simplicity, minimalism, the real, and all things whole matter the most.  I like my marriage and relationships uncomplicated, and peaceful.
We’re all constantly learning about ourselves through experience, through every day living.  Some of us are listening, and some of us aren’t.  But the truth is always coming through.

I’m going to try to dedicate time each and every day to ensure that all of my habits support what I crave, what I love, who I am, and do what I need most.  I’m going to try to further uncomplicated what is complicated.  I would like to break down some of my own barriers, some of my own difficulties.  I would like to work on my patience, I would like to be more patient, more loving.  I would like to pause frustrations and respond in peace.  I tend to quickly get upset, and emotional, when in reality, I can stay cool as a cucumber.  I would like to learn more, read more, spend more time diving into topics that interest me most, topics that may not interest me at all, but topics I need to know more about.

It’s easy in today’s world to get sucked into Yahoo news, celebrity news, the non-stop jabs of the political campaigns, everything from CNN to TMZ, even HONY, the constant status updates of anyone, everyone, and all.  And all of this contributes very little to my day, my mind, yet – I’m allowing so much clutter in.

I have my priorities, my health, my wealth, my stealth.  I have my family, my home, my work, my goals.  I have so much I want to accomplish, and so much authentic, clear, calm, de-clutterd living I need to do.  It’s easy to get caught up in the non-stop.

Time to put a stop, to the non-stop.