How to have a FREE & FUN filled weekend!

My children are still so little. It’s hard to take them anywhere and really enjoy it.  Maybe it’s just me, because there are super-amazing-human-parents out there, taking their infants to Disneyland who I admire a lot!  It’s just not me at this time – I lack all of the patience and confidence required for such an excursion.  Though, I am in my head planning super vacations and adventures ahead, once my children are a tiny bit older.

The first place I want to go is to Poland.  I grew up on the Baltic Sea (or lived there for the first 8 years of my life), and it’s stunning and beautiful, and I can’t wait to go back for a week or two!  Will be marvelous.  I also would love to do a cruise with the kids – because when we went solo – we had SO MUCH FUN.  Though, my dream dream vacation would be white water rafting, and hiking, and doing a camping trip anywhere!  How much fun would that be?  I did a hiking vacay in the past where I would hike up to 8 miles during the day, and then around dinner time – it was massage time!  It was my type of heaven: do work, grow strong & then repair.

But until then – we go hard at home, and make the best out of it.  This also really truly fits into my goal of being frugal, saving cash-flow, and living below our means.  And now -that’s our total priority.  I want to set our family up for financial success and independence, and I know it’s tiny little habits that we do daily, that will make this happen.  It’s making that breakfast, lunch & dinner at home. It’s making the snacks at home. It’s eating a lot of bananas & strawberries & apples, and it’s baking the goodies ourselves.  It’s my jam, and I love it.  It brings me so much happiness to be able to create food for my family, and have them enjoy, and it brings me just as much happiness knowing we spent $0 all weekend on life.

A few years ago, we invested in a bouncy house that we blow up often – and even more often now that the weather is nice.  This takes up a ton of outdoor play.


My husband is really good about putting it up, securing it, and then taking it down.  And then, making sure that it’s protected by laying out tarps before it gets inflated.  My hubby also does a lot of outdoor games with my son, and daughter, and any neighborhood child that wants to play. So the baseball bats, the footballs, the soccer balls – they are always out – all of the time.   We even blew up the pool most recently, when we had 90 degree weather up in here.  Cuz it was hot x 1000!

A year or so ago, we found this amazing rusty beach cruiser on the side of the road.  A family was moving – and left their old bike behind.  My hub took that right home to our home!  And it’s been part of the family every since.  My son rides his little bike, my daughter sits in a bike seat with my husband, I ride our mountain bike or beach cruiser, and off we go cruising the neighborhood.  There is a lovely lake around us – that we cruise often.  It’s a tiny activity – bike riding – but it really gives you back so much energy, especially as a parent, and even more so as a family.  The wind blowing, the blood pumping, and the adrenaline pulsating – its fun for all but also feeds the soul correctly.

With some planning, or no planning at all – it’s possible to have the least expensive weekends possible, with your children, as a couple, alone or as a whole family.

Get it done, and save that hard earned!


Three kitchen gadgets that help me save $$$!

I love frugal living.  I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s because it’s efficient, and there is always room for improvement.  It just feels right! It feels good,  and I know it’s best for the environment, and best really for my heart.

If we take care of our hearts, we are able to better take care of the hearts of those that surround us – both people we know, and those we don’t. And that really is the ultimate.

There are three appliances in my home, that we use almost on the daily.  And with the amount of usage all three get – they really are truly so inexpensive.


First, we drink a lot of tea, or warm beverages, so I love my hot water heater!  It’s so amazing and quick and light and easy, and it’s on several times a day!  It’s less than $20 at Walmart or Amazon.  And the fun part is enjoying those teas, and being able to indulge in different flavors throughout the day!  My favorite right now are pretty simple, I love the raspberry leaf tea (for reproductive health), and anything mint or peppermint!

The middle appliance is the rice cooker!  Again, you can pick this thing up at Ross stores or Marshall’s or Walmart for $20 or $15, and it’s brilliant.  Will make amazing rice, every single time.  We buy different types of rice (white or brown or Basmati or any other awesome variety), and put it in the rice cooker (2 cups rice, 3 cups water), and comes out perfect!  It’s so flavorful, I love adding veggies, or soy sauce and coconut oil to the rice bowl – yum!  Getting hungry just writing this.

The other day I also had cut steal oats, and I ended up putting them into the rice cooker (same proportions), and they came out perfect and crunchy and chewy and delicious! I honestly couldn’t get enough! I put some honey and peanuts and raisins and cinnamon on a cup of cooked steal cut oats for my hubby for lunch, and it was a perfect frugal vegan meal.  So delicious it was hard to contain yourself!  #boom

The NutriBullet.  Honesty, it’s a super machine, it’s just amazing.  It’s the Apple of kitchen gadgets, or at least I think so!!! I make my shakes in this every single day, I make them for my kids – and the ice and the bananas or even the dates blend up so well, the shake becomes a perfect consistency.  Every weekend, I also make my waffle mix in the NutriBullet!  The mix comes out perfect because every little ounce of flour is blended just right, and then it also allows me to sneak in healthy things like flax seed or other scrumptious deliciousness in the waffle mix!

Lastly, my most favorite food in the whole wide world has to be Indian food.  I mean, honesty, I love everything, but Indian food is amazing, and I have attempted to make it often.  Making the curry in this thing is super.  The tomatoes and the onions and all of the spices blend up so nicely!  This is my most favorite gadget, and if I had to choose only one to take with me forever and ever – it would be the NutriBullet.  I’m on my second one, but the first one lasted me almost 3-4 years, with daily use multiple times per day!

What are your favorite gadgets that help you save CASH-FLOW???


Eating through our home!

There is nothing I love more than being efficient.  That’s probably exactly who I am in life, and I just love it so much.  One of the areas where I love being efficient, is in my cabinets.  I love eating through them, and I love using every single item of food – to make sure that we eat it – before buying more.  Our cabinets were so incredibly bare this morning – and we went to Aldi to stock up on the grub.  I love Aldi because I really believe they do a lot of research on their products before selling them.  They put so much effort into selecting the right option for each product, and it makes me so happy – especially since my children are eating this grub!  The number one ingredient I love love love avoiding is that crazy High Fructose Corn Syrup, which the body knows is toxic.  But somehow so much of the food in all grocery stores still have as part of their ingredient list.

This is what we ended up buying:

a wireless radio (my husband loves the brand they carry)
roma tomatoes
strawberries x 3
refried beans
black beans organic
carrots canned x 2
peas canned x 2
chips for nachos x 2
string cheese
ricotta cheese
cheese shredded
potatoes canned
red skinned potatoes in bag
pasta x 3
marinara sauce organic x 2
canola oil
hot sauce
ketchup organic
bag of onions
mushrooms fresh

We ended up spending $94 on the groceries, but the radio alone cost $34, so it was really $60 of groceries, which is pretty solid!  On Wednesday my husband wants to make home made pierogies with a filling of potato, ricotta cheese, onions and mushrooms – I just can’t even wait.  It will be delicious and everything.  He is so absolutely patient, that it really is so fun watching him cook, and bake, and knead dough.

We still have so many snacks for my children to snack on – that we did not need to get any snacks or bars or anything that really doesn’t fuel them correctly anyway.  Instead, we have a ton of bananas, and apples, and strawberries, and I’m thrilled about this 100%.

Still Saving

It’s been so so so long since I posted last, but we are still saving all of our Vanguard savings accounts.

Honestly – the only reason we are here right now, is because we are crazy awesome amazing frugal savers!  Right now, my hunny is making bread, kneading it and baking it – and making it happen, and I’m working on my side hustle, and I’m doing everything I can to not spend a single cent, but instead live the best possible life on LESS.

The best thing I’ve done for myself in the past few months, is I started a business with Isagenix.  It’s an amazing company, and they offer two solutions: health & wealth, and this blog is EVERYTHING about health and wealth.  And the way to both of these is to increase and stimulate your STEALTH.  Hence, the cover line to this entire website & blog!  How freaken amazing is this!

I am starting slowly, I am building a business, building a business of residual income, and it’s slowly happening. My goals have not changed:  I want 1M in Vanguard, I want every single home I own paid off, I want my family to never ever have to worry about money, and I’m going to do it.

I can see how it happens, I can see how the more love I give those around me, the more fun I have the more I do, the more activity I engage in, the better I take care of myself, the stronger all of my goals become.

I’m excited to save more.  I’m excited to take better care of my finances and watch them grow.  Right now, what we are doing to save money each and every single day is that we are eating a VEGAN diet.  I love to call it a FRUGAL VEGAN diet, but it’s so freaken tasty, and delicious and inexpensive and fun and I just can’t handle myself, because it’s so amazing.  And so – that’s exactly what I’m doing!  We are eating a lot of rice, and I love rice so much – all from Aldi.  And I also just used my rice cooker to make steel cut oats – and they are so delicious and so flavorful.  For lunch I made my husband some scrambled eggs (my friend H has chickens, and I buy a dozen fresh eggs from her at $5), and then the steel cut oats with honey on top, and some raisins, cinnamon and peanuts.  It’s ah-mazing!

It’s nice to be back and nice to write again!  Life moves quickly, and for a long time I did not prioritize writing – but now I will, because it feels amazing to share and connect.


Middle Finger to the Crap Food

It was an excellent weekend, and after a whole week of eating CLEAN, WHOLE food, I’m down to 162lbs.  I feel a thousand times better, and I’m determined to stay focused on eating the best absolute food, and no processed junk.  Yesterday, a neighbor and girlfriend came by and we had a little birthday party for her son.  She brought some delicious pizza pies, and cake and cupcakes, and I gave it one or two thoughts about eating them, and then decided against them.  At this point, my cravings are gone, but now I have to stay focused and on track.  It felt awesome waking up this morning – and feeling so good.  Giving the middle finger to crap is awesome.

Yesterday morning my honey ran out to the grocery store, and came home with fresh grub.  He purchased bags of apples, and bananas, and raspberries, and blueberries, and strawberries, and kale, and arugula and spinach and coconut milk, and sweet potatoes and honestly – all food that feeds our bodies better, and helps them grow stronger and longer.  It was nice to ask him to go to the grocery store and say: buy whatever you think we can use from the produce department!  And so he did.

He’s also down a solid 10lbs.  He decided to stop eating processed food, dairy and all meat.  He feels really good and I’m so proud and happy for him.

My children are also eating so much better, and they are eating strawberries, and pears and apples and grapes and raw food whenever they are open to it.  Instead of filling our cabinets with dead processed junk food, we are filling our fridge with live food.  I also put out several bowls around our kitchen and filled them with washed apples, and pears.  So whenever someone wants a snack – grab a fruit and enjoy!

I’m looking forward to doing more and more for my body.  I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve, and how it continues to change for the better.  Mentally, I already feel a whole lot better, and now I’m ready to keep it going, and keep eating really good food.  There is nothing better than feeling good from the inside out!

For breakfast I had two eggs and baby carrots.

For lunch I had a romaine salad with organic arugula, with cut up cucumber and broccoli, and then walnuts.


After this I ate two clementines and an apple.  I’m hungry again, but this time I’m thinking I’ll make some hot coffee and enjoy a little java with cinnamon!


How 2 Quit Binge Eating?

A few days ago, I was desperate.  I was upset that once again, I was not able to control my binge eating.  I couldn’t seem to have a regular amount of a food, I had to have so much of it.  And then the cravings.  Uncontrollable.

I googled, how to quit binge eating?  And this one video popped up by Raw Alignment.  She explained that once she stopped eating processed foods, she stopped binge eating.  And so – I immediately realized this is what I must do – once again.

In April 2015, I started the Whole30 diet, and I lost 19lbs.  I went from 165 to 145, and I felt fn amazing.  Like super.  But more than just the weight, I really loved not craving the junk I used to crave, over and over each day any-day.

And so, once the holidays hit, and 6 months after I started Whole30, I started little by little eating junk again.  Then I would re-start Whole30, but the will of the sugar was greater than my will for Whole30.  I kept telling myself it’s fine, and I kept eating.

Well enough is enough – and after watching this video, I’m back on the wagon!  I’m on Day 4 of eating 100% clean, and loving it.  I can actually use December 1st as my start date.  I feel good, and most importantly the cravings are gone.  I also am sleeping better, and I’m waking up with a lot more happiness and energy, then previously.  The benefits 100% outnumber the negatives of eating like shit.

When you eat crap you feel like crap. It’s honestly the simplest piece of common sense in this entire world, but hard to execute endlessly at times.

I have to understand that I just can’t have “one bite”.  I can’t just eat “bad” today and not tomorrow.  I have to seriously get it together, and understand taht a bit of something that is processed is disastrous!

So cheers to clean, wholesome eating!  I can’t wait to update everyone with weight loss and health results.

10K steps per day

When I was single, I had all of the time in the world for everything.  And most importantly, I had the time to workout anytime I wanted.  I always wanted to work out first thing in the morning, and I did.  I was able to get to sleep early most nights, and wake up super early.  It worked for me.  I loved every single moment of it.

Fast forward to 2016, where I am a full time employee in an office, I have one boo boo in K, and another one in pre-school.  I am a full time step-mama, and a wifey.  I love to read.  I love to write.  I love to keep my house clean and organized, and my family fed well.  Fed well meaning we don’t eat out, we don’t take out, we just make all of our food – even if ti’s at times processed (pastas, pizzas, pierogies…)  But needless to say – we cook or prepare each day.

And so – the amount of time I have available to actually dedicate to my fitness is minimal.  My daughter still is not on a regular sleeping schedule, and most nights she has us up in the middle of the night, several times.  So instead of committing to a full time workout routine for each day, I’m moving my body by walking & running whenever I get the chance to – and tracking my steps along the way.

Yesterday I hit 10K steps.

I took a walk at lunch, around my office building.

After I picked up my daughter, we walked to my friend’s home.  And then we walked to the local high school, where my son had wrestling practice.  While at the high school, my daughter rode her Strider bike, and I ran after her – adding more activity & steps to my day.

After the kids were bathed and eating din din, I took a walk/run around my neighborhood.  It was just .6 miles, but it put me over the 10K goal, which is just so awesome!!!


I felt so good, and I felt so good waking up this morning.  I also ended up having oatmeal for breakfast, two sugary coffees, chocolate cashews and left-over pizza for lunch yesterday.  After the pizza, I decided to make myself a hot cup of tea, and put an end to my eating.  I did intermittent fasting, and it felt good.  I did not eat anything from 2pm yesterday until 9am this morning, which means I fasted for 19 hours.

This is pretty exciting stuff, and I’m psyched for the success.