20 min elliptical and fresh green juice

My little baby gal is not doing a great job sleeping lately. She was up till 1030pm last night, and then up at 3am.  I’m not a night owl, but I am an early riser, but not that early.  I literally felt the stress coming onto me last night when she wouldn’t go to sleep.  I felt the pounds of fat piling on.

But I refused to give into it, like I usually do, and this morning, even though she woke up mighty early, I still had a super morning.  Once all left for school or work, I ended up getting on the elliptical for 20 minutes, and then making some ridiculously delicious green juice:





It wasn’t fancy or busy, it was just straight love.  I filled a former bottle of GT’s Kombucha for my husband to drink too!  It’s so nice to kick off my morning with fresh raw juice.  I love it so much.

The other day, my sister sent me a quick note she found online about writing out everything you love to do – and then comparing what you actually do each day.  Needless to say, for may people their lists don’t match.

But with an attempt to be able to be happy and share happiness, and feel love and give love, I want to make sure that I’m doing everything on my list.


Here is what I wrote out that I do love to do:

get massages, manicure, pedicures, run, bike outside, bike on the aerodyne, swim laps in our pool in the summertime, read novels, write, watch Dateline, cook healthy grub, shower/take baths, juice, blog, connect with good humans (especially women), eat healthy, do yoga, drink seltzer, drink hot tea and lemon, delcutter – less is more, make and eat salads, walk everywhere, weight train, walk/hike be in nature

Since I wrote out this list, I have been doing MORE of the activities I love to do.  I have been walking a lot, trying to get to my 10K steps per day.  I have been juicing.  I have been running and workout out.  I have been cooking.  I made a delicious coconut milk chicken with lots of veggies on Sunday.  It was so delicious, and makes me so happy to prep food for my family.

So cheers to staying active, making & drinking juice, filling our lives doing the things we love.


Juicing & Running

I’m pretty psyched I have been able to JUICE this past FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY.  The mornings are pretty wild, so I’m not sure I will have the time to juice during the weekdays, but if there is a will there is a way.

This past Saturday and Sunday we juiced the following:

beets, kale, lemon, apple, carrot, celery and cucumber

The juice was beautiful, red, full of flavor, and so wonderfully healthy for our bods.  My little guy drank about half a glass of the below, and my husband and I drank the rest.  The whole process takes time, and there are no shortcuts one can take – but it is worth it.  First, you have to clean, and chop up all of the veggies/fruits.  Then you juice it – which at times is laborious, because vegetables such as kale do not juice as easily as an apple.  Yet, it’s possible, and I stick apples and kale together, and the use the big carrot to help it juice further.

Once the juice is out – we drink it up!  We want to make sure every nutrient is ingested.

Then, I open up the juicer, and clean it up.  There are 4 parts of the juicer that come apart that need cleaned up.  The cleanup is extensive and the pulp often builds up in my sink, which then needs cleaned.

One of the reasons I want to become financially independent as fast as possible, is because I want to have time to juice, each and every single day!!!  I don’t want to have to rush off to an office job, when in fact, I need to care for my health, first and foremost.

The juice was lovely, and I’m so happy we were able to juice three times.  I hope I can juice MORE days of the week, then not juice.

I also was able to go running the last four days.  I ran full miles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I was able to run a consecutive 2 miles this morning.  With a consecutive mile I ran on the 1st and 2nd also in this month, my total mileage is at 8 miles.  This is poor and not a good showing, but a good start.  I’m psyched to get back into every single day running.  If I can run 2 miles each and every morning, I would be very happy!  Hopefully my body, and my sleep work with me, to be able to get this accomplished.

Working up to 3 miles per day, would be awesome as well.


Dusting off the Jack LL Juicer

It was time to dust off my Jack Lalanne juicer and get back into drinking fresh squeeze vegetable and fruit juice, as often as possible.  When it was just one child, I was able to juice pretty often.  I actually loved juicing.  I loved it so much.  I took a video of my little guy (8 months at the time) drinking a whole bottle of green juice.  He loved it too!

But when my daughter came along, the juicer went under the sink, never to be heard of again.  My health certainly took a back seat due to the increase of children (one that still does not easily sleep through the night), a full time outside the home job, wife/home duties, and everything else!  When listed out it does not seem like that big of a deal, but honesty, having two children, versus one, has kicked my butt x 100000!  But it is what it is, and I love them both so much, I couldn’t imagine a single day without them.

Yet, my health is also my baby, and I need to start treating myself well, each and every single day.

This morning, I walked my son to the school bus, my husband took my daughter to school, and I had a few minutes, before I had to get myself to work, to juice!  I juiced: baby carrots, romaine lettuce, kale, apples, clementine to create a delicious juice!!! Everything went through the juicer really easy, and the cleanup like always takes time, but it is not impossible.

It felt SO GOOD to have this fresh juice in my system.  I actually can’t wait to do it again.  I’m going to hit up the farmer’s market again this afternoon, and perhaps juice for dinner.

Making it another CRON day!

The last two days, and today, have been pretty wonderful days.  It has brought me so much peace to know that I can confidently follow a Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition diet, and follow it on days where I plan for it – and it’s easy breezy.

Yesterday and the day before I ate exactly the same grub in the following order while at work:





hard boiled egg x 2

romaine lettuce (whole stem…)



organic salad dressing

kombucha (just Tuesday)




When I came home Tuesday evening I had two chicken & veggie patties for dinner, plain.  Last night I ended up having edamame for dinner, and a sip (about 1/3c) of my son’s organic protein smoothie.

I’m not sure why I have not figured out this epiphany sooner, but I feel like I have seen the light!  Once today is completed I will have had 15 successful CRON days this month.  That’s pretty amazing, and I believe the reason I had 8 unsuccessful CRON days in October, is because I did not figure out this strategy until yesterday.  I’m excited to see how November goes.  Instead of dreading the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, NYE (same day as my b-day)) I can now enjoy them, and get back on the horse immediately!!!


This article also helped tremendously.  It made so much sense to me.  I always thought that my discipline, and my willpower were below par, but in fact, I am successful in the parts of my life that I feel most successful in, because I do avoid the temptation on the opposite side.  But with overeating, or some things I have failed at in the past, I have failed because I failed to AVOID the temptations in the first place!  Isn’t that the most brilliant thing you have ever heard in your entire life?

It is to me!

Pretty much at this stage in the game of life, I’m sold!  I love it so much.  I also have my degree in Wellness & Coaching, so I am familiar with a lot of behavioral studies out there.  And another one I remember learning about in college, talked about when you practice saying NO to temptation, the cravings for the temptation lesson.  This specifically had to do with food.  So for instance, if your job or work takes you to lunch at a buffet each and every day, it may be impossible to avoid a work lunch each and every day BUT it is possible to create a habit where you stick to just a clean salad for lunch each day, and AVOID the other grub all together.

I’m looking forward to eating well and low calorie, but nutritious foods, for the rest of today & tonight.  Tonight, I might once again have some edamame!  I also brought along a bag of frozen veggies (medley) in case my hunger increases.  After two solid days of CRON, I’m more likely to really be hunger, versus not, because my body has been eating nothing but CLEAN foods, mostly all raw, and healthy and fabulous!!!

Cheers to you and your success!  All days may not be CRON perfect, but striving for some of them is successful on its own accord!

Tracking CRON days, not all days perfect!

I decided to keep a monthly calendar of CRON days.  Instead of trying to go for perfection and losing all hope, I’m going to track and celebrate the days where I can eat really well, make awesome choices, and keep it going.  I don’t want to despair or get so upset that I can’t CRON each and every single day of my life. Instead, I want to start with small steps, and right now this includes tracking the days where I can CRON and do it successfully.

9/28-10/6 – CRON
10/7 – went out with friends, had wine & burger
10/8 – CRON
10/9-10/12 – lots of sweets, home made pizza and calzones
10/13-10/14 – CRON
10/15-10/17 – lots of sweets, birthday party for kids
10/18-today – CRON

Instead of starting over and over again, today I celebrate the 14th day of the month eating CRON, eating mostly raw fruits, raw vegetables, a big salad, and keeping my calories limited to the healthiest grub possible.

It makes me incredibly happy I was able to do it this way – and figure out I don’t have to be perfect each day, because it’s very upsetting starting and quitting, starting and quitting, starting and quitting, over and over again.  Even though I would like to be perfect and motivated for eating CRON, and less than 2K or 1800kcals per day every day, I need to come to terms that some days I will not do a great job eating well.  And other days, I will.

But because I know that I can have more and more good days, and by tracking it this way – I know I can eventually limit my unhealthy grub, and extend my CRON eating days for multiple days, weeks and perhaps even MONTHS at a time.  I also want to quickly jump back into CRON.  I don’t want one meal or one party to ruin my healthy CRON motivation for the next week or month.  Instead, I want to say:  Okay, you had a great time at the birthday party yesterday – now it’s time to load up on the greens, eat low calorie and absolutely nutritious foods – and get back on the horse, immediately!  That’s exactly where I want to be in my life.  I want to eventually move away from having a horrible food day from breakfast until dinner, to having one unhealthy meal, and eating well the rest of the day!

Small steps.  I’m 33 and it’s pretty ridiculous that I’m just getting a hold of this right now.  I mean, I couldn’t have figured this out like the other 13-years of my life?!?!  But at least I have figured this out now, and now I can put it into practice.


I actually feel so much pressure taken off my shoulders.  I feel so much lighter because I know that I can EAT CRON, EAT WELL, but I don’t have to do it forever.  I can go to a birthday party, have a slice of pizza, have some cake, drink a soda, and then jump right back into CRON.  I’m going to aim for more CRON days then non CRON days.  So far for October – I’m determined to accomplish this.  Including today, I have eaten healthy and CRON for 14 days!  This is a HUGE HUGE deal, and I’m so excited about tracking my success, and moving on and not despairing about the rest.  A CRON day means I will eat health and low calorie and super nutritious foods ALL day.  There are 12 days left in the month, and let’s see if I can eat AWESOME most of those days.

I already know that we’re going as a family to a Halloween birthday party on the 21st and on the 31st is Halloween.  So, those days, let’s say I enjoy some candy, grub, and non-CRON diet.  That leaves me 10 other days where I can enjoy CRON perfection. So, let’s get it done!!!

Planning for this success is actually making me feel so much relief, it’s taking so much pressure off me, and bringing me so much happiness right now.

A friend yesterday, posted an article about the fact that our WILLPOWER isn’t the reason we’re successful.  We’re successful in achieving our goals because we AVOID temptation!  And hence, why I’m planning for a non-CRON diet on those two days.  I will go to the B-DAY party with my kids, and I will go trick & treating with my kids on the 31st – both days planned for!  Instead of trying to use willpower and eat well, I will indulge.  If I wanted to be CRON on both days, I would avoid both of those events, which I refuse.

But I will avoid OTHER events, events that are going to take place the other 10 days!  Cheers to CRON perfection on those days!

Time to declutter!

I’m feeling it!  It’s time!  I’m getting antsy!  I can’t wait to declutter!  I feel like the WHOLE HOUSE needs a decluttering.  I need to have a decluttering PARTY, and I want to be the only one there!!!

Randomly at different times these past few weeks, I have swapped my children’s clothes from summer to fall/winter, and I have done a few other things to transition into the colder months.  But so much needs to get done.  I have also received bags of clothes for myself from my neighbors and girlfriends, and so have the kids.  I really need to go through all closets and DONATE, and remove everything we don’t need, and everything we don’t love.  There is so much we don’t need, and even thought our house isn’t packed to the max, there is still so much we can do to empty out the closets and drawers, and donate and share with others.

We had a birthday party to celebrate the 2nd & 5th birthday of our kids this past weekend, and I went into one of the closest in the basements (to store all of the gift bags we received) and there were so many toys in those closets!  I couldn’t believe it.  My son is 5, and I’m just not sure if he’s going to want to play with all of them again, if we should keep them, or if we should start getting rid of them.  Obviously, I’m a fan of donating them.  I especially don’t want them taking space in our closets.  That feels like a waste!

I also want to go through our kitchen and get rid of dishes, appliances, and everything in between that we no longer need/want.  I have so many things on the higher unreachable shelves, that I just should throw in a big carton, and say GOOD BYE, it wasn’t a good buy, or a gift.  Instead, it can go to someone that can use it!!!  An acquaintance grandmother passed away, and I have all of her tablecloths and cloth napkins.  Even though they are beautiful, and I use them for all birthday parties, and then holidays (this would make about a half dozen uses per year), I have so many, I took too many!!! There’s no way I need actually a DOZEN tablecloths, and then three times that of cloth napkins.  It pains me to get rid of this – but it needs to go.


Lastly, I have a lot of comforters, which we don’t use, and instead store in our basement.  When my mom sold her house, I took some of them into our home, and now, we have too many!  Part of me feels like it’s a good idea to keep them, and another part of me feels that’s a really silly idea!  We have plenty, and we can never use more than one!!! 🙂

This morning I quickly went through all of the children’s shoes that are in our “shoe closet” in our hallway.  I was able to add to the donate pile all of the summer sandals/crocks that my daughter wore this past summer.  Her foot fit perfectly in those shoes, and once next spring and summer hits, all of the shoes will be too small.  The flip flops that will be too small for my son, I am storing and saving for my daughter!

The biggest hurdle at this time, even though my motivation is here and ready for decluttering, is that when will i find the time to do this!!! My little people are spending less time sleeping during the day, and I work Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are spent with the family.  There is really little downtime or alone time, or decluttering time.

But if there is a will, there is a way!  So I need to get started, and start decluttering, donating and sharing!


CRON meal plan & Day 1, again.

black coffee x 2



water/selzer water


baby carrots organic

sardines in water

broccoli raw

cucumber (1/2 large)



hard boiled egg x 2


It would be nice if every diet and every lifestyle change just stuck with us.  I got veered off my CRON plan for the last two/three days, and ended up eating too many cookies/bagels/pastas/processed carbs instead.  But, I’m not a quitter, and I’m doing like a bunny and hopping right back on the wagon!  Sunday, my husband made home made pizza, and I couldn’t help myself, and I had a few small slices.  Then, that turned into more pizza, and then a home made calzone, and then cookies, and then bagels, and unfortunately, it turned into anything and everything, and so I woke up this morning and that was it!

Back on my Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition wagon, because that’s exactly where my body, my healthy, my stamina and motivation belong!

Day 1 is always though, so I’m going with it – drinking as much water as possible, and I have the healthiest of foods around ready for intake, to make sure I don’t overthink this, but instead just eat the healthy food available to me.  Once Day 1 is over, the cravings stop, and I’m able to eat really healthy foods without too much thought.  I want to stick to just eating the raw vegetable and raw fruits, and then eat really lean and clean fish when possible.  I will also eat eggs, as they are both super delicious and hard to overeat.  I’m going about this in an incredibly clean way which is along the same lines as Whole30, which I also love as a diet and lifestyle plan.

I purchased sardines in water, because my calcium intake was low.  I was always falling short on calcium, after putting in all of the foods into the CRON-o-meter, and someone suggested sardines in water!  They don’t taste horrible, and it’s a nice change from RAW veggies!

Other than this – I’m going to keep passing on the processed grub, even if it’s just olive oil or coconut oil or salad dressings.  Instead, I’m going to eat everything clean, and I’m going to eat to get lean.  So far today – I’m doing great.  I had two small bananas, two apples (smallish size), I had half a cucumber, grapes, organic baby carrots, mushrooms, and two hard boiled eggs.  I had some broccoli, but left most of it, as it was a lot to digest!  I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for getting back on the wagon.

As soon as I get home, I’m going to get into my warm, and cozy and comfy clothes, and I’m going to make myself a HOT TEA, and I’m going to RELAX the rest of the night!  I’m going to spend time with my kids, and have fun with them, and enjoy them, and I’m not going to overthink anything.  I’m just going to stay hydrated, and I’m going to go up to bed around 8pm, so I can read a new paperback that my two neighbors and I are reading together – and whoop whoop – it will have been an incredible healthy, incredibly low cal, wonderful day!!!

Mentally, starting and re-starting diet plans, programs, meal plans – is quite frustrating.  I’ve done this over and over and over in my life, and it sucks.  But, I would rather keep going and starting over and over again, then quit all together and succumb to a life where I’m overeating, eating unhealthy, where I don’t care how I feel, or don’t prioritize my health.

Food is certainly my addiction, or more accurately processed junk food is my addiction.  I wish it wasn’t, but I also am grateful that it’s not heroin, or pills or sex or something else.  I’m working each day how to figure out how to do better for myself, how to deal with my stressors by not succumbing to food binges and cravings, but instead – how to eat the right grub, grub that heals my body, versus hurts my body – regardless of what is happening throughout my day.

I wish this were not a lifelong battle.  I also believe that it may be.  I also know that 10 years ago, it was worse than five years ago.  And today, I’m better than I was five years ago.  I believe that I’m going to continue to get better and use my desire to eat healthy to combat the food binges and this “disorder” since it’s technically now a disorder.

Either way – it’s a great day so far, and I’m going to keep at it!